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Hi, I'm Paola. Born and made in the early 80ies, from Vienna originally but now based in Northern Germany.

I love my boyfriend, our sphynx cats, photography, my camera, life, food and weddings!

I also do not like huge glittery group invites and do not participate in that add 1-comment 5-or you'll die kinda thingy.

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    Alper Design says:

    "Well.. how should I start?!
    First of all Paola is the most amazing woman a man could ever dream of. Thanks for sharing your life with me honey!!

    Furthermore she is like the best teacher you can have. I improved so much since knowing her.. I really appreciate that you share your knowledge about processing and composition and stuff.. Thanks a lot!

    And last but not least. I love her pix. Not only the (Self-)Portraits but all of them. I mean. she is so talented and got this special feeling about photography.. yeah i know you don't like it when I say that.. but you're reaaaaally good! Yes you are!

    Well.. i could write a lot more, but i think you got the idea.. :D


    July 13th, 2010

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    Geoff... says:

    "Sunny. Your work is just terrific. I am always impressed by the quality of your work and you're across such a diverse range of styles too. For me it illustrates what a true artist you are and I just wanted to let you know.

    Love your work! G x"

    December 1st, 2009

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    swinspeed says:

    "Since the first day on flickr till now , i've observed and enjoyed several great photographs..but in fact i've never got such an unique and extraordinary feeling like i've got in Sunny's mind-boggling photostream...she is a true photographer by heart and soul.
    She is a maestro in all kinds of photography....and especially, i love her selfies, which are totally rocking..
    and moreover, she is one of my greatest friend here on flickr....she's kind and way too friendly.
    i'm so much proud to call you a friend, dear Sunny. :)"

    October 9th, 2009

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    Desirée Delgado says:

    "Sunny has a great talent!!!!! Her works with colors and bokehs are especially fascinating! =D I wish you the greatest luck in the world!"

    September 29th, 2009

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    NorwayNatasha says:

    "Pretty Pink
    Angel eyes, Devil mind..:P
    Lovable Lady
    A star!

    If I could write a book about Sunny, I sure would. There’s just no words to describe how much she means to me and how much she’s helped me with my photography.
    It all started for about 3 months ago when I found her photo on the FP. I swear, my jaw just dropped and I just stared at the picture for several minutes. This girl with cute dark hair blowing a bunch of pink hearts in the air. The texture work WAS AMAZING. Everything about the image was just felt like a dream come true. IT was so FANTASTIC. I LOVED IT. And from that moment, I knew I HAD to learn more about textures and photoshop. I mean, I HAD the program, I just didn’t know it too well. And this girl, This FABOLOUS Sunny just showed up and made me try even harder. Her work is every bit of INSPIRATION found in the world. And looking at her stream just makes you SMILE and LOVE photography even more, PURE harmony, PURE perfection; that’s Sunny. So I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and let you know how important you’ve been to me, and still are. You will ALWAYS be on my list of favorite artists. I’m SOOO looking forward to the opening of a “pinkpixel” dream gallery♥♥I will be there for sure. ((and also to your photoshop courses,*lol*♥))
    I love you Sunny – and I love your work. Never stop.

    And maybe they say we can’t change the world, but you definitely changed it for me so you’re one step closer.

    Yours sincerely,
    - Nat.♥"

    July 6th, 2009

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    ikb images says:

    "Sunny is a real shining artist on flickr. her stream is full of beautiful, creative, artistic and lovely pictures. she's extremely versatile and has a good sense of humour and technique. her theme shots are legendary. i'm always curious what's coming next ;-)
    you rock girl…keep on your wonderful work sunshine Sunny!"

    May 1st, 2009

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    .fulvio says:

    "Well, talking about Sunny and trying to say something original is very hard!!!! You already said everything. This testimonial wants to be an evidence of my Flickr friendship and appreciation of Sunny's work!!!! She is clever, original, talented, sly and much more!!!!! Everyday she is able to amaze my through her processing, compo, light, monochrome. Love her works.
    Thanks Sunny to share with us your art. You are an excellent Flickr friend.



    April 15th, 2009

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    Sarai | Fotography says:

    "Sunny is a really -really- awesome girl I've had the privilage to meet here on Flickr. It's been great to watch her grow in her photography and skills. She's kind, super nice and beautiful. Her photostream is excellent. I'm really glad to have found her on this site. She's a wonderful girl and you wont regret adding her to your contacts. I love her! :D"

    April 12th, 2009

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    ~ CarLee Photography ~ says:

    "Sunny is one of my favourite contacts, I eagerly await her next post to see what interesting composition she has created each day. She has such a unique style and a wonderful way of seeing the world. Though her eyes things are interesting, fun, quirky and wonderful…..

    Sunny has an eclectic style and takes shots of everything from yummy chocolate cake baked by her own two hands, to levitating self portraits and awesome architectural shots.

    I have learnt a lot from her willingness to have a go at new things and this has challenged me to do so as well. I thank her for that.

    Personally she has a huge heart and will put it our there for all to see. Those that are loved by her are blessed. I will always look forward to the next email chat and to learn more about Miss Sunny, because life is not dull around this special one….( I do recommend hiding breakables from her though lol)

    So here is to the next Sunny moment… Thanks for being a great friend, I am forever grateful to have met you ;) xx Car"

    February 20th, 2009

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    ĐāżŦ {mostly absent} says:

    "What can I say about Sunny that hasn’t already been said? Well she is a sweet old lady of 73 who lives under a bridge in Vienna with her boyfriend and several feral cats. She got her first digital camera last year at the age of 72 and has never looked back. Her bridge is one of the few in Vienna with electricity and wireless internet access... She’s quirky, modest, and incredibly talented. Her ideas constantly blow me away. How she also finds time to comment and critique on other streams I don’t know, but she does. She also looks very good for her age... ;o)"

    February 21st, 2009

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    Digit_AL says:

    "I have known Sunny for a while on Flickr, and it is pretty cool to see her photography go through such an inspiring and wonderful metamorphoses. Keep up the great and inspiring work Sunny!


    February 13th, 2009

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    TanteKaethe says:

    "Sunny ist eine wahre Künstlerin - jedes Foto von ihr ist einzigartig. In jedem ihrer Bilder stecken eine Idee, viel Liebe und oft auch eine große Portion gute Laune - drei Gründe mehr, warum man ihren photostream nicht verpassen sollte. V.a. die Pretty-Pink-Tuesday-Fotos sind legendär :o)

    Mach weiter so, wie bisher, ich freu mich auf noch ganz viele tolle Fotos von dir!!! =)"

    January 28th, 2009

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    ...alita... says:

    "I intended to write Sunny a testimonial for a long time and here goes.
    This lady can shoot anything from HDR, bokeh fun shot, portraiture, architectural, urban, still life…every shot from her is AWESOME.
    And do you know she has the most beautiful sunrise/sunset captured in her stream? I fall head over heels in love with her sky shots. Check out this multitalented lady's stream and you will be awed. All that and she bakes, too."

    January 21st, 2009

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    Miss K.B. says:

    "Sunny...Since the day i saw your flickr...until this day and the days that will come...I keep on saying Omg...about all your great and well taken pics!!!
    Your a really good Photographer & Editer, I love how you edit's are not TOO much !
    Saying the truth u are one of my..TOP 10's FAVORITE FLICKR :) !
    Keep up the Great work!!!"

    January 21st, 2009

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    Dustin Diaz says:

    "Sunny has a fantastic taste in photography. It's inspiring to find someone that doesn't care too much for the technicalities, but rather dives head first into the artistry of photography — and we can all use a little more of that. She has a great eye and mind for transforming extraordinary scenes from just every day surroundings."

    January 18th, 2009

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    Martha★ (Pixel Lounge Studio) says:

    ""First, I could write this testimonial in German but I am going to write it in English so eveyone could read how wonderful she is! Sunny has like the best photos ever. She's so incredibly talented, it's craaazzaaay. I'd like for her to pass some of the talent over to me. :) I don't know how she comes up with these amazing ideas. Uh, I'm kinda jealous, hehe.

    Oh, and let's not forget about how super beautiful she is. :D

    xOxO Martha""

    January 17th, 2009

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    thoughtless discussion says:

    "Es ist immer eine Überraschung der angenehme Art auf der Seite von Sunny vorbei zu schauen! Abwechslungsreich verwöhnt Sie uns mit ihren Bildern! Die Bildausschnitte sind gelungen und die Motive geben einem zu denken! Hier kann man viel Inspiration tanken und wenn man sich die Mühe macht die Untertitel zu lesen, lernt man nicht nur über das "Fotografieren", was sondern erhält auch noch Hintergründe für die Motivauswahl Ihrer Bilder!
    Danke für den Kontakt zu Dir und Danke für die Inspiration die Du uns gibts!
    Mach weiter so!"

    January 14th, 2009

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    clairepennphoto says:

    "Sunny - for a start that's a perfect name - you really are one of the warmest and nicest people, I'm very happy to be able to call you a friend. :-)

    Then there's your photographs. You are so talented - you seem to be able to do everything... landscape, architectural, minimal, macro, bokeh, toys, SPs and portraits... there is no end to your talent! I hope that some of it rubs off on me so one day I can remove the macro lens and try new things!!!

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with in 2009. (So far so good!). Happy New year honey, much love, Claire xoxo"

    January 2nd, 2009

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    : bill d' err says:

    "... ich geh ganz einfach mal davon aus, dass Du, sunny, es mir nachsiehst,
    wenn ich ein langes Jahr dafür gebraucht habe,
    um das zu tun, was ich jetzt noch in 2008 unbedingt unterbringen will:
    DEINE EMPFEHLUNG; äääh, nein: MEINE für DICH!.

    Liebe sunny, ich beobachte dich ja schon 'ne ganze Weile.
    Hast du's gemerkt?
    Aber wie du in letzter Zeit mit Deinen Bildern qualitativ davon düst...
    kaum noch zu folgen.
    Ich weiß noch so Anfang 2008, als wir uns bzw. unsere Fotos kennen lernten:
    Da hast Du den Mut gehabt, auch mal Fragen zur Fotografie zu stellen.
    Das fand ich gut....
    Und jetzt?:
    Jetzt bist DU 's, die antwortet!
    Und jetzt bist Du diejenige, die mit ihren Bildern laufend in den flickr-"Charts" zu finden ist.
    Wird das nicht langweilig?...
    Quatsch: Dass Du Dich ehrlich darüber freust, das spürt man!
    Du hast eine Entwicklung aufs Parkett gelegt,
    wie andere nicht darauf Tango tanzen können.
    Deine Bilder: Immer lebendig, immer wieder neu ideenreich
    und bunt, wie (wohl) auch dein Leben.
    Ich freu mich auf ein (flickr-)gemeinsames neues Jahr mit Dir.
    Und ich glaub', es bleibt spannend!"

    December 30th, 2008

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    ~ cнιρcнιrιρ says:

    "I like Sunny's pictures a lot. She always has good ideas, and makes nice colorful pictures. She is one of my favourites in flickr!!"

    December 3rd, 2008

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    Sabinche says:

    "i admire sunny's photos. she has an eye and talent that is to be envied. her ability to capture the beauty of nature, daily life scenes, food photography or brilliant bokeh shots never ceases to amaze me. i look forward to her uploads every day and am so delighted that i came across her stream."

    December 17th, 2008

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    *steveH says:

    "Like many other Flickr members, i really like visiting Sunny's photostream ! i'm always surprised by her great creativity and the positive effects of her photographs. I'm happy to meet her here, she's really a nice and kind-hearted person. Cheers and all the best to Sunny :)"

    November 29th, 2008

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    traumlichtfabrik says:

    "Sunny is one of my all-time favorite photographers in Flickr! Her sense for DoF, framing, light and so on is fantastic. I especially like all the fantastic Bokeh shots she does.

    When you look at her photostream you will recognize that her week plan is dominated by Flickr :-) (PPT, HBW, HGGT, HNFF ).
    I find it really remarkable that she is able to take photos of a predetermined subject, a thing I envy her of!!

    Every single day I look forward to see a new upload of her and I must say I like every new picture! It is fantastic how creative she is and I am again and again overwhelmed by the variety of her photostream.

    I must warn you though: do NOT look at her YUMMY set when you are hungry!! It will make your mouth water and you will go like “OMG I so wish I could eat all that right now” Impossible to decide which meal looks the best…

    After having written about her pictures there’s also to say that beyond being a fantastic photographer Sunny also is a fantastic person. She is such a nice, lovely, adorable person you just HAVE to like her!

    May you always have good light and keep up the fantastic work – YOU ROCK!"

    October 13th, 2008

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    Janey Kay says:

    "Sunny by name and Sunny by nature .... a sweet and loyal contact who produces stunning, artistic and wünderschöne photos everyday! Visit her stream to fall into a sea of bokeh and colour ... I'm looking forward to see how her style develops and for now Sunny, "Bravo!"."

    October 11th, 2008

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    miah. says:

    "Sunny hat das Auge. Und ich glaube, nichts ist wichtiger, als das.
    Ihr Stream fasziniert mich immer wieder. Immer wieder stößt man auf ihre wundervolle Kontrolle von Tiefenschärfe, tolle Farben, großartige Naturfotos und wenn sie ihr Essen präsentiert, läuft mir immer wieder das Wasser im Munde zusammen.
    Das ganze ist bisher ohne Photoshop entstanden.
    Sie ist ein wahnsinnig talentierter Mensch - auf so viele Arten und Weisen - und hat großes Potential.
    Ich drücke Sunny alle Däumchen, die ich aufbringen kann, für ihre Zukunft und ich bin mir sicher, dass sie es einmal weit bringen wird.

    Und mal ganz von ihrem Talent und ihrem schönen Stream abgesehen:
    Sunny ist einer der liebsten Menschen, die ich bisher auf Flickr kennenlernen durfte."

    September 17th, 2008

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    oermserjung says:

    "Es ist immer wieder schöen Sunnys Stream zu gucken. Die Spiele mit warmen Farben und Silhouetten sind einfach Wahnsinn.
    Auch die vielel Wunderschönen Bilder mit Tiefenschärfe sind einfach Wahnsinn. Immer wieder gute kreative Ideen, die solch schöne Bilder entstehen lassen.

    Es macht immer wieder Spaß neue Bilder zu entdecken. =)"

    August 31st, 2008

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    mcPhotoArts™ says:

    "Es ist ein wahres Vergnügen für meine Augen sowie für Seele und Geist, wenn ich mir die Bilder von Sunny betrachte. Sie ist das beste Beispiel dafür, dass Träume noch gelebt werden sollen. Ich drücke die ganz fest die Daumen für Deinen großen Plan. Aber bei soviel Talent wie in Deinen Bildern steckt, habe ich da keinerlei Bedenken. Von Dir kann man noch viel lernen und werde mit größtem Vergnügen Deine Entwicklung beobachten. Viele Grüße aus Bayern. ;-)"

    August 20th, 2008

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    Boxador Photography - John Atkinson says:

    "sunny is a very good photographer her works shows that so colourfull and bright and she just amazes me with all of her wondefull photos keep up the good work sunny"

    August 5th, 2008

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    Coco Sunday says:

    "Suny's photo stream is a delight to go through. Her macro photos are stunning, (check out Ladybug, A butterfly is a flying flower and Love is in the air!) and her nature photos of sunsets and flowers are really beautiful. She has other hidden talents though - she is a keen cook and we are often treated to her culinary skills, (check out Soup for the soul and her Sushi photo amongst others) which I always seem to look at when I'm hungry!
    Since getting her DSLR her photos which were great anyway, are just going from strength to strength. Sunny has a well deserved place at a photography school starting September, so I for one will be looking forward to seeing the results in her Flickr stream.
    Apart from anything else, Sunny is a great Flickr friend, she'll always drop by to check out your stream and her comments are thoughtful and interesting and she's such a nice person and one I'm so pleased to have as my Flickr pal!"

    July 8th, 2008

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    cath2pints says:

    "Sunny has come on leaps and bounds.....and i dont think this is due to her new camera equipment ;-)

    She has a talent and will do really well in the future of photography,,,she has a wide specrum and isnt limited to one or two subjects....Every shot Sunny takes is from her heart and a pleasure to view,,,,the macro work Sunny does is exceptional,,,,fantastic work Sunny and BIG SMILES from me to YOU ...;-)"

    June 25th, 2008

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    Elisabeth de Ru says:

    "Sunny surprises me with her photo's every time. She is very diverse and has an eye for the most extraordinary compositions. I always look forward to her new uploads.

    On top of that - from what I know from flickr and her comments and the few e-mails we shared - she seems like a wonderful person to me - with a weak heart for Amsterdam ;-)

    I hope we get to meet in person one time :-)"

    June 9th, 2008

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    Christina@cmm...(OFF) says:

    "Es ist immer ein grosses Vergnügen auf der Seite von -Sunny- zu verweilen; brilliante Blumenbilder, leckere Kuchenkunst oder drollige Szenen von diskriminierten Gummibärchen gibt es hier zu bestaunen und ausserdem teilt sie meine Liebe zu der Farbe Rosa :-) ... und seit sie ihre neue Canon EOS 400 D hat, ist sie nicht mehr aufzuhalten ... !!! Schön, dass es Dich hier gibt !!"

    May 12th, 2008

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    friendly committee says:

    "She is a superb photographer with a magnificent gallery of images. sHe captures it all well, . All of them receive the "magic touch" through the lens of Her camera and transform into works of art. Shes not only a great photographer, but also one of the kindest, most generous people I have met on Flickr. Thank you, for the joy of your photos!"""

    April 27th, 2008

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