i like the way words taste
and pictures feel.

a ring of gold with the sun in it? lies. lies and a grief.


what unlonely is like.

how it is.


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    Danielle_T says:

    "Katie was my first ever contact here, when I saw her work I was stunned. I have to say I thought the photo's of Katie were of Katie's daughter, I could not believe when I realised this amazing thought provoking and intelligent work was done by someone so young. Her stream is a pleasure to look at and I always look forward to seeing more."

    February 6th, 2010

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    emily ✭ brigid says:

    you are such a wonderful and creative being. you don't have to use self-portraits to portray emotions, and that's one of the reasons i love your stream so much. your photos always leave me amazed, and you are one of my favorite photographers, to be quite honest. you take the photos i wish i could.
    keep being incredible :)


    January 31st, 2010

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    Allen Rendell says:

    ""an unnerving emotion accompanies every image"

    ...her anonymity is a beautiful as she is."

    January 18th, 2010

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    ĐāżŦ {mostly absent} says:

    "Katie is… Well… She’s a human female… And she lives on a planet in the Milky Way galaxy called Earth… I live there too and one day I found her stream here on Flickr.

    I don’t know what the chances of us being on the same planet and using the same website and me finding her stream are, but I feel so fortunate that I did.

    Katie’s just one of those REALLY annoying people who are not only intelligent, gorgeous and funny but are talented too. Yeah, you know the sort… They brighten your day, make you think about stuff, and regularly blow your mind with images that are jaw-droppingly brilliant. Yep, sickening really…

    I adore her…
    I adore her stream…
    She quotes Calvin and Hobbes…
    ‘nuff said…"

    October 8th, 2009

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    clumsy lettuce says:

    "She will curb-stomp your mother fucking ass."

    October 2nd, 2009

Katie King
October 2008
Macon, GA