Looking by Dan Bogan, Flickr Backend Engineer

Software Engineer - API

The Flickr API is one of the largest and most widely used product APIs in the world. Handling billions of requests per day, the API powers all of Flickr's web, desktop, and mobile applications as well as tens of thousands of applications from the developer community. We are extremely proud of what has been done with the Flickr API; developers creating completely new features and experiences, integration into services and devices used by millions of people every day, and the numerous ways that the Flickr API has influenced the web we know and love. We're working to make sure the API continues to grow and evolve, and we need your help!

This position will include working with internal and external partners, the Flickr engineering team, and the Flickr developer community (over 50,000 daily active apps) to define and implement improvements to the Flickr API. We want you to use your knowledge of APIs, platforms, and auth systems to build the Flickr API that will influence the next generation of web services.

This is your opportunity to make a huge impact on a platform used by millions and millions of people every day.

What you'll do:

  • Design API endpoints and authentication using current best practices (and if current best practices aren't good enough, define new ones).
  • Measure and define limits to maximize utility and speed.
  • Support partners with design and implementation of API integrations.
  • Write code! Work with engineering teams to implement features.
  • Find, review, promote, and contribute to Flickr API development kits.
  • Document our work. Contribute to developer documentation and share the work we do with the world on the Flickr code blog.
  • Represent the Flickr API and participate in developer events.

You should have:

  • 5+ years of experience with web and API development.
  • Broad and deep knowledge of and experience of several big API platforms like Flickr, Twitter, Facebook.
  • Experience with and understanding of API authentication systems including OAuth, OAuth 2, and legacy systems (HTTP Basic, xAuth, etc.). Know the pros and cons related to each.
  • Excellent written, personal communication, and presentation skills.
  • Examples of API integrations that you have developed.
  • Extensive knowledge of HTTP. It's okay (even encouraged) if you're upset with us about headers.
  • BA/BS in Computer Science or a similar technical degree.


  • Prior work with high volume, multi-colo, UGC sites
  • Prior experience developing user-generated content features
  • Experience with data driven feature development (like A/B testing)
  • Experience with Flickr and online photo sharing (send us a link to your photostream!)

This is a regular/full time position, based in our San Francisco office.

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What to expect

We strive to respond to every application we receive within two weeks. If we think you're right for the job, we may schedule phone interviews or interviews in-person in our San Francisco office.

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