Looking by Dan Bogan, Flickr Backend Engineer

Senior Data Storage Engineer

This is a senior role in Flickr's San Francisco-based back-end engineering team working on Flickr data storage and management infrastructure. Flickr's database systems comprise one of the largest MySQL installations in the industry. You'll be at the front lines of the Flickr experience, ensuring that core data storage APIs and services are scalable and fault tolerant. You'll also be exploring opportunities to improve performance and capacity and you'll find yourself leading projects critical to scaling the Flickr photo experience. This is a job you will be proud of for the rest of your life.

This position requires an aggressive learner and organizer, with experience in application data-access layer coding, database design, replication, caching, production troubleshooting, performance tuning and benchmarking.

We have a track record of innovation to build on and a strong desire to radically improve Flickr, both for new users and casual visitors as well as the power users who form the core of the community. There's a tremendously long list of new features, programs and technologies set to come online this year. If you've ever wanted to a chance to have a big impact (Flickr has 80+ million users and 7+ billion photos), this is it.

Some responsibilities of the position:

  • Identify the highest priorities for multiple areas: sharding, caching, data access, replication.
  • Test and improve performance and scalability with support from peers, system engineering, DBAs and development teams.
  • Prototype and develop new ways to manage sharding and replication.
  • Work with development teams to design build and launch new features.
  • Prototype and benchmark new system images (MySQL/Percona/Linux/etc.)
  • Develop and implement tools to monitor performance, uptime, and availability metrics.
  • Monitor and tune queries and app features.
  • Work with DBAs to improve backup and recovery, replication, and configuration processes and strategies.
  • Contribute to capacity and configuration planning efforts.
  • Become proficient with finger darts and other common office antics.

We're looking for self-directed candidates that have:

  • Strong compsci fundamentals in data structures, algorithms, information retrieval.
  • Several years of experience with MySQL in high-volume production environment.
  • Experience with scripting and programming (one or more of PHP, Perl, Python, Java, bash/shell).
  • Solid understanding of how InnoDB works.
  • Understanding of how MySQL and Linux work together.
  • Quantitative and analytical mindset.


  • Academic background in engineering, computer science, math, physics or other science.
  • You can demo MySQL-related tools you have built in the past.
  • SSD experience.
  • DBA experience.
  • Python or Java experience.

We smile on those who already have deep experience with Flickr and photography: include a link to your photostream if you have one.

This is a regular/full time position, based in our San Francisco office.

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We strive to respond to every application we receive within two weeks. If we think you're right for the job, we may schedule phone interviews or interviews in-person in our San Francisco office.

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