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  • Is there a way to share my whole photostream including Friends and Family photos?

    Yes! First we should mention that the best way to share your photostream is to invite them to create a Flickr account. When they have an account you can mark them as a Friend or Family and they can see any photos that you have marked as such. (This will also let them comment and favourite, which is even more fun.)

    But if you know someone that doesn't want to create an account you can still share your Friends and Family photos with them using a Guest Pass for your photostream. Just go to your photostream and select the mail option in the Share menu near the top right of the screen. When you share the stream you will have the option to create a Guest Pass. This will let people see any photos in your photostream that you made available for friends or family. So until you expire the pass, people who use your Guest Pass can see all the photos in your whole account that are marked visible for friends or family, even if they aren't members.

  • How do I share my photos with *just* my friends and family?

    1. Set your photos to be visible to only your friends or family (that is, not public). You can choose this option as you upload your photos, for individual photos already uploaded, by using the Organizr, or as the default setting for all your uploads.

    2. Mark people as friends and family on Flickr. You can do this when you invite them or make an existing contact a friend or family by mousing over their buddy icon, using the arrow that appears, and changing their status. (If only it was that easy in real life. :P )

    After you mark your family and friends and set the appropriate privacy level on your photos, your family and/or friends can see your photos under the "Contacts" link at the top of each page.

  • What is a Guest Pass?

    You can share public photos in your photostream by copying the URL in your browser's address bar and pasting it an email. Anyone can see your public photos anytime, whether they're a Flickr member or not.

    But! If you want to share private photos with people, use a Guest Pass. You can grant anyone access to the entire contents of one of your sets, including any private photos it contains. A Guest Pass is actually just that URL. This means that whoever sees that URL can access the set and all the photos inside it.

    Go to the set or photo you want to share and click the "Share this" button. Then we'll help you either send an email to friends via Flickr or make a special web address (URL) that you can share.

    Or if you want to give someone a link to see everything in your photostream including friends and family photos...

  • Can anyone leave a comment?

    Most of the time, yes -- any Flickr member can leave a comment unless you say you don't want them to. We recommend that any Flickr user be able to comment on your photos... but you don't have to go that way if you don't want to.

    In your account area you can specify default settings for what you'd like most of the time. You can change the setting for individual photos.

    Please note, adding an image to a group will override your comment preferences and allow people in the group to add notes and comments.

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