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  • How do I share a photo with a group?

    Easy! If you're a member of the group, add your photo to the group pool. (If not, join the group, because only group members can contribute to the group pool.)

    The easiest way to add a photo to a group is to go to the photo's page and click the "Add to a Group" link in the actions menu. Then choose the group you want to add it to, and you're done!

    Only you and the group administrators can remove a photo from a group pool.

    Note: If you share a photo that you marked as private with a group you are a member of, it's as if other group members have full access to that photo. They can add comments, notes, and tags. The photo isn't displayed for people who aren't members of the group.

  • Why can’t I submit my photo/video to a group?

    We’ve built a new feature to give group administrators more control over the sorts of content they will allow in their pool. If you run a group, you can say “I only want safe, geotagged video in my pool” by choosing from media type, safety level, and whether something is geotagged. There’s more info about this in this Groups FAQ.

    Because of these new tools you may get an error when trying to add a photo or video to a group pool. If you get this error, check the group rules against the content you’re trying to add.

  • Why aren't my photos appearing in searches or groups?

    If your account is new, first you need to upload at least 5 public photos. After that minimum has been reached, then it shouldn't take more than a few days until your photos appear in searches, groups, etc. To make sure your photos show in searches, remember to add accurate tags and descriptions.

    If your account is not new and some of your images are not showing, here are a few things you can check,

    • What is the safety setting? Items marked as moderate or restricted will not show in badges, RSS feeds, for people that have safe search on, or are not logged in.
    • Is your account hidden from search?
    • If only some photos aren't showing, make sure they are not flagged to be hidden from searches.
  • How are groups administered?

    When you create a group, you are automatically made its first administrator. As administrator, you can also promote members to help you run the group. You can promote your members to either moderator or administrator status.

    A group admin can:

    1. Modify information about the group
      • Create or change the group name
      • Create or change the group description
      • Associate the group with an external URL
      • Create a personalized URL for the group (like your photostream, this URL can only be set once so choose wisely)
      • Determine whether or not your group topics or pool can be viewed by non-members.
      • Create a group icon
    2. Determine group moderation rules
      • What kind of content can be added to the group pool (photos, video or both)
      • Set frequency of group pool submissions
      • Determine what safety level of content is appropriate for the group (“safe”, “moderate” or "restricted")
        Please note that if “moderate” or “restricted” content is allowed, then the group will be flagged as 18+ and only members over the age of 18 or those who can see “moderate” or “restricted” content will be able to participate in the group. There’s more about this in our Filters FAQ.
    3. Create group participation rules

    There's no limit on the number of admins a group can have, although you should be aware that once someone becomes an admin, they can never be demoted.

    Though there is no limit on the number of admins, we suggest you limit it to those you feel you can trust to maintain the integrity of the group because of the tools available to change group features. Flickr staff won't step in and remove people from your group if someone is abusing their admin privileges.

    A group moderator can:

    1. Approve or remove photos from the pool
    2. Moderate group discussions
    3. Remove or ban members

    You can read about keeping your group happy on the Tips for Running Your Group page.

  • What is the difference between public and private groups?

    Public groups are listed around the site and on the groups page, profiles, and photo pages if the photo is in a group pool.

    There are two types of public groups: anyone can join and invitation only. Group administrators can choose to show or hide the group photo pool and discussion topics at any time.

    Private groups are not listed anywhere on the Flickr site. You can join them only by invitation.

  • How do I make a public group private? And vice-versa?

    If you are an administrator, go to your Groups page and select the group. Select Administration on the right. Go to Privacy toward the bottom. Click "Make this group private."

    You can make a public group private, but a private group cannot be made public.

  • How do I leave a group?

    Go to your Groups page and select the group you'd like to leave. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the left-hand side bar (which you may need to click to expand), and click on the red link to leave the group.

    That's it!

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