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I'm going to delete my Yahoo! account. What happens to my Flickr photos?

If you sign in to Flickr with a Yahoo! ID and you then delete your Yahoo! account, you will not be able to sign in to your Flickr account. In the future, this will delete your Flickr account as well, including all of your photos, but currently your Flickr account must be deleted separately.

If you want to keep using your Flickr account, make sure to switch your Flickr account over to a different Yahoo! ID first. You can switch Yahoo! IDs from the "Your Account" page: Use a different Yahoo! ID for this Flickr account.

Note: If you have logging in through Facebook or Google setup the switching link is not available.

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I've forgotten my password!

No problemo!

You can change your Yahoo! password here.

If you never associated your old skool Flickr account with a Yahoo! ID, please send us an email using the Get Help link from the bottom of the page, and choose the option 'Logging In' and then 'Help by Email'. Send us all the detail of the account, like the link to it and screen name, so we can help.

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It doesn't seem to 'remember me' each time. What's up with that?

To protect your Yahoo! ID from misuse, Yahoo! automatically signs you off after a certain number of hours. You can modify this preference in your Yahoo! preferences.

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How do I merge my Yahoo! account with my Flickr one?

If you don't sign in with a Yahoo! ID yet, head for the Merge page to get started. Basically, you have to sign in to the Yahoo! account you'd like to use (existing or new), then confirm that that's the one you'd like to associate your Flickr account with.

After you merge the accounts, there are a couple of things to bear in mind:

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What if I have two Flickr accounts?

Your Flickr accounts will be treated separately as they are now.

It isn't possible to merge two Flickr accounts together.

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If I lose access to my Yahoo! account, will I be able to sign in to my Flickr account?

If you use a Yahoo! ID to sign in to Flickr, you need to have access to that Yahoo! ID in order to get in to Flickr. If you lose access to that account, we may still be able to help you get back in to Flickr. In the case of persistent problems with your Yahoo! ID, you may be able to switch your account to be associated with a different Yahoo! ID (see this question).

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Can I transfer my Flickr account between two Yahoo! IDs?

Yes. Head for the Transfer page to begin.

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I still sign in via the "Old Skool" log in page. Can I do that forever?

No. On March 20th, 2007 we discontinued the old email-based Flickr sign in system. From now on, everyone will have to use a Yahoo! ID to sign in to Flickr. So, you'll need to join your old skool Flickr account to a Yahoo! ID - this can be a Yahoo! account you have already, or a brand new one.

If you still sign in at the Flickr sign in page, you should Merge Your Accounts page. (You'll need to be signed in to Flickr before you start.)

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How do my Flickr notification preferences change after I merge my account with Yahoo!?

None of your Flickr-related preferences have changed.

You can associate as many email addresses with your Flickr account as you want (here). Any communication from Flickr will continue to be sent to the address you set as your primary email address, be it Yahoo!, gmail, your work account, or even aol.

You can change the way Flickr emails you here. Your marketing preferences for FlickrMail and your Yahoo! account will not be changed.

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What if my Yahoo! ID happens to be the same as my Flickr "screen name"?

When you sign up for a Yahoo! account, you're assigned a Yahoo! ID. This is a permanent, unique identifier for your account. There is no connection between a Yahoo! ID (the bit before the @ in the Yahoo! email address), and a Flickr screen name.

Just like your screen name on Flickr and your legal name in everyday life don't have to be the same, your Yahoo! ID could be the same as your Flickr screen name, or it could be different. Merging your accounts has no effect on your Flickr screen name.

You can use your Yahoo! ID as your Flickr screen name if you like, but you can create a screen name that has spaces in it. So, that's nice.

Note: If your Yahoo! ID and your Flickr screen name happen to be the same, you still need to go through the manual process of merging these accounts into one.

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What if someone is using my Flickr screen name as their Yahoo! ID?

If your screen name is already taken as a Yahoo! ID, it doesn't matter. You can still keep your screen name on Flickr. Just choose something else for your Yahoo! ID.

You can change your Flickr screen name as often as you want.

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I'm making an account for my organization. Who should have access?

When setting up an account for an organization it's a good idea to take a moment to decide who has access. When you create a Flickr account you login with a Yahoo! ID, Google account, or Facebook account. Make sure that whoever creates it is someone that isn't leaving the company soon so the login details will stay with the company. If you ever lose access we will verify you as the owner using the details provided in the account. This includes the postal code, birthday, and contact email address. Without verification we can't give access to the account so it's very important to make sure you keep track of this.

You can have more than one contact email address so make sure that you have an address in there of someone that will be staying with the company.

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