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What is the Organizr?

Organizr A is a powerful tool for managing your photos in batches or using sets. (You can also edit photo-related stuff one photo at a time.)

To access Organizr click the "Organize" link at the top of any Flickr page. In Your Photos, click the "Edit this as a batch" link to open Organizr with the batch loaded for you, ready to go.

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What's that strip down at the bottom of the Organizr?

That's Findr. When you open Organizr, your most recent photos will be visible B, newest on the left, older on the right. To navigate photos in Findr either click the previous and next arrows or drag the slider F.

You can filter your photos using the drop-down menu in combination with the search box C. There are more options available like filtering by privacy D. So, combine all these things and you can find "All my private photos tagged with 'dog' and 'rainbow' and sort them by the date they were taken."

To skip to a specific date in your photostream click the "Jump to date" link on the right side E.

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Drag-and-drop and double-click are your friends

Drag & Drop

In the Organizr you can drag photos from Findr into a batch or a set. To remove photos from a batch or a set, drag them back over Findr and drop them. You can also drag a photo from Findr and drop it into a set when the Your Sets tab is open.

Double Click

Double-click a photo to open an editing window, where you can edit the title, description, and tags. There are "Dates" and "Permissions" links in that window as well, so you can edit all the metadata about a single photo in one place. Woo!

Double-clicking a set loads it into a new tab, where you change the order of photos, the photo that represents the set, and the title and description.

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How do I change the photo that represents my set?

From the Organizr, click the Sets & Collections tab and open the set you want to change. Drag the thumbnail image you want to represent the set from the batch edit area over the current set icon, on the left. Now, click Save and the sets page within Organizr is refreshed, with the new image showing as the set icon.

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I often geotag my photos in a handful of places, is there a quick way to get to those places?

There are two ways; each geotagged photo shown in the finder B will have a blue dot in the bottom left corner, clicking that dot will center the map to that photo's location.

Alternatively, if you find yourself visiting certain areas of the map again and again, you can use the “Saved views” option at the top of the map to save those views of the map. You can have up to 16 of these at one time. Selecting a bookmark from your list will take you back to that part of the map.

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Can I remove photos from my map?

Yes. From the Organizr, click the Map tab, find your photo on the map, then drag the photo from the map and drop it into Findr. This won't delete the photo -- it only deletes the location information.

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