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Original TIFF file is gone. Replaced with much smaller file sized JPG when downloading "original" file Flower City Archives 8 3 days ago
How do I change the background pic on my main page? Hanna Olsen 3 3 days ago
serious performance issues, timeouts, errors over past several days Retronaut 68 3 days ago
New account, uploaded 15 photos, nowhere to be seen ColoPV 3 3 days ago
[Bug] Encore? John Oram 1 3 days ago
/edit tdwrsa 18 3 days ago
I can't download my albums frazerandrosie 3 3 days ago
can't see Explore janicelemon3 8 3 days ago
how can i change all my public photos to private NannyCam 3 3 days ago
How do I highlight multiple photos in Organize in minimum steps? Practical English 5 3 days ago
Flickr Photo Editor Problem Newport County AFC Pin Badges 9 3 days ago
"Solving the login issue?" Barra1man (Back from Vacation) 1 3 days ago
Unable to upload pictures Bibi's Hope 1 3 days ago
where can I find my account information? thanks Steve.D.Hammond. 2 3 days ago
Email from FlickrHQ??? Azli Jamil Photography 1 3 days ago
My auto upload is frozen and not working frank_cotela 0 3 days ago
Android Flickr app keep crashing Green Baron Pro 36 3 days ago
Flickr grandfathered Pro subscriptions adstads 1,365 3 days ago
Counting to 1000: Lapsing Pro Account, Creative Commons and Photo Privacy striatic 47 4 days ago
[ATTN: STAFF, ISSUE NOT FIXED] Comments not posting, slowness, bad pandas, bad gateways. Bear Dale 836 4 days ago

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