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The Community Help Forum is a great place to start if you need help with Flickr (just like our extensive Help Center). Our community is full of helpful, clever people who know more about Flickr than we do!

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BUG - is there a fix for "View More Groups" Button - Button just Disappears rickinazaki 34 21 hours ago
Can't replace image bob_sanderson 4 24 hours ago
Zip files empty? just biz! 2 28 hours ago
Zip files empty? just biz! 2 28 hours ago
Diabolical trying to upload from IPhone 8 to Flickr & from Flickr app on phone also SandyEm 5 29 hours ago
What's Gone Wrong With Explore? wwarby 91 30 hours ago
Silly Mail Change is Broken and Non-Functional (Those are two different things) Irrational Photography 4 31 hours ago
Cannot get into Flickr Pro account kathykennedy727 2 34 hours ago
Stats not adding up Annieseed2009 5 2 days ago
sign in triggers error message gaudy window 45 2 days ago
[Bug] image size bug in _z.jpg, _c.jpg, _b.jpg and _h.jpg joeviebie 30 2 days ago
Somebody must be using my photo paulpix1 23 2 days ago
Flickr is completely unusable right now ronnie.savoie 11 2 days ago
Flickr Alternatives/Replacements Moxy Fruvous 536 2 days ago
Incorrect Daily Stats. :( Livia Lopez 5 2 days ago
Faves number is incorrect ewf_photography 9 2 days ago
Problem in posting comment Harris Hui (in search of light) 3 2 days ago
[staff replies inside] Slow or no response from customer support kmacgray 114 3 days ago
Not all photos are showed publicly (when logged off) Bence by Bike 3 3 days ago
F for Flickr - website security seems to have gone down lately nickant44 10 3 days ago

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