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Flickr STILL "running" at a snail's pace.

Forrrest Grump says:

Despite numerous complaints in another thread about everything being really slow over the last couple of weeks, that thread was closed:

katie_ko says:
Our engineers had a look & it seems this lingering slowness was an isolated event and has since passed.
If you continue to run into any issues, please feel free to start new thread.

Well, for me at least it is EXACTLY the same.

Is anyone else having this issue?
Posted at 6:26AM, 11 January 2022 PST ( permalink | reply )

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Flickr Staff

carolea8 says:

Forrrest Grump:


I just sent an email to the address linked to your account. I'm hoping that with a bit more information, we can determine what is causing the trouble and get this resolved for you.
Posted 2 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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kiwirat says:

Posted 2 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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