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[Acknowledged by Flickr staff] BUG: Group member promotion == missing member panic

SunCat says:

There is a very odd group admin behavior that caused a great deal of alarm. When I promoted a member to the role of moderator, the membership listing for the previous moderator disappeared.

This happened again today. When I promoted a moderator to the role of admin, my own admin and membership listing disappeared. In one special admin group, the group was still listing 3 members, but clicking on the members link only showed two entries (mine was missing).

This issue eventually resolved itself, but for about 10 minutes, it was heart attack central, and I had even gone so far as to send an apology and new invite to one of the missing members before they magically showed back up.

Please review your back-end processing for group member promotions. Something is not quite right, and it is causing unnecessary stress to your group admins.

Posted at 11:20AM, 10 October 2021 PDT ( permalink | reply )
Melanie0426 (staff) edited this topic 10 days ago.

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Viejito says:

All’s well that ends well...
Posted 2 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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C-Aida says:

Yes, I have the same bug and it started around the time of the new notifications roll out.

After I promote someone my own name disappears from the list of the administrators for a while before reappearing after some time.
However, it only appears so to the ones who are doing the promoting. The other members see all names on the list normally so it seems to be harmless.
Posted 2 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )
C-Aida edited this topic 2 weeks ago.

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Flickr Staff

Melanie0426 says:

Thanks for flagging this issue. I was able to replicate a similar issue that I believe it related.

I created a report to our engineers and will follow up in this thread with any updates we have.
Posted 9 days ago. ( permalink | reply )

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