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Black video thumbnails once again

szabolcs.mosonyi says:

Dear All,

I've read through earlier threads and I'm aware that flickr takes the first frame to make a thumbnail. However, I'm starting to think flickr randomly adds a black first frame to uploaded videos:
- All my videos are made using my phone. I simply start recording, then I stop. I don't add effects, no fade-in, no video editing, nothing. Yet some of my videos have uploaded correctly with a thumbnail, many have not. When I play back my video on flickr, the first frame does appear to be black. Then I download the video back to my computer and I open it with VLC player, I set frame by frame playback and I don't see any black frame.

Please someone tell me how to avoid a black thumbnail or how to remove a first frame easily. It's really frustrating. It's already enough inconvenience that flickr cannot take the correct date of recording but I'm now used to changing that manually. The black screen is simply too much, I don't want to start manually editing every video. Is there really no way to fix this? Thanks for any constructive suggestion.
Posted at 5:31AM, 17 July 2021 PDT ( permalink | reply )

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John Frattura says:


Can you provide a link to a video in your photostream that has this problem?
Posted 3 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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szabolcs.mosonyi says:

John Frattura:

Hi John,

Most of them are hidden as they are about my daughter, but I've made one public temporarily:

Thanks for looking into it.
Posted 3 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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Flickr Staff

R L Catlow says:


Hi there,

The reason some of your videos are black has to do with the first frame of the video that you are uploading.

This is likely because your video fades in from black.

Flickr by default uses the first frame as the thumbnail for any video that is uploaded, currently there is not a way to change this within the website.

You would need to edit out the first frame for these videos in order to see anything but a black frame.

Posted 2 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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janeallison says:

Not so. I opened a sample video in iMovie to see if there is a black frame at the beginning. There is not. How would there be a black frame if I merely press the button on my smart phone to start recording.

There is no black first frame on my videos and they show up black.

Try this one

The black thumbnails on my album look hideous. How can I fix it.

This issue has been brought up repeatedly in the forum over several years. Flickr always gives the answer you did about the black frame and it’s baloney. Please look into it and fix it.
Posted 2 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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Flickr Staff

katie_ko says:


Thanks for the feedback! We understand that a number of people experience this issue & while Ryan’s explanation is above is accurate-- I’d like to offer some additional context that might be useful here.

We’re aware of a bug from Samsung devices that creates a millisecond black frame in videos.

Different video players handle files differently, so while some players skip over the first frame, other players (including Flickr’s) see and preserve the entire video, including that leading black frame.

We’ve previously made Samsung aware of this, but feel free to report the issue to Samsung Support directly in attempts to have it prioritized.

In the meantime, you can try cropping out the first frame in these videos in order to avoid seeing that leading black frame as a thumbnail.
Posted 2 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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szabolcs.mosonyi says:


Hi, thanks for the feedback, yours is much more useful than the first staff comment was as I was already aware of the first frame rule but I'm sure my videos do not fade in, I simply start recording. However, do you have any suggestions on how to crop out the first frame? I guess many users, including myself, do not edit videos and do not use any software. I'm looking for the simplest/quickest solution possible. Thanks in advance.
Posted 2 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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