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Flickr Heroes

Petersrockypics says:

It appears that there is some kind of issue with the Flickr Heroes group.
Clicking the group (as a member) returns the following -

Clicking individual links, i.e. members,photo's etc, yields no results. I'm aware that groups are not normally approved topics of discussion, but this is a "Flickr" group run by staff.
Posted at 2:05PM, 17 July 2021 PDT ( permalink )

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John Frattura says:

That group loads ok for me, though it was initially a little slow. But I see photos and members, so maybe it was a temporary glitch.
Posted 3 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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Flickr Staff

katie_ko says:

Looks like this is related to the site issues we were experiencing that have since stabilized.

Closing this out as resolved-- but If you continue to run into this, please feel free to start a new thread!
Posted 2 weeks ago. ( permalink )

This thread has been closed by Flickr Staff.

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