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Stats - Source break down - discrepancies

Traveller_40 says:

Looking for swarm knowledge here,

My impressions are as following
the source break down on my stats page displays about 2/3 of the numbers of the displayed stats.

50 % of the stats are mobile, either iOS or Android, that’s changing

Social / search and other are most of the time below 5 % , if there is something displayed at all.

So the question, where is the missing approx 1/3 between source break down and views?

I have one photo in explore today, views so far over 2600, source break down from explorer approx 250. doesn’t seem realistic. is there an explanation ?
Posted at 1:49AM, 5 April 2021 PDT ( permalink | reply )
Traveller_40 edited this topic 4 days ago.

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Flickr Staff

katie_ko says:


Sending over an email so we can take a look at some specifics here!

If we come up with anything that might be insightful to the community, I'll be sure to report back.
Posted 3 days ago. ( permalink | reply )

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