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[Bug Investigating] Accepting Pending Members Gives BAD PANDA

DrgnMastr says:

I reported this bug months ago, and it is still not resolved.

My groups all require new members to be accepted from the Pending Members page.

Let's say I have 3 new members to accept.

The second I click on Accept, Flickr goes off to do its work, adds them to the group, but returns the BAD PANDA page. It should return me to the Pending Members page, but ALWAYS gives me the BAD PANDA Page.

Clicking on the show previous page, takes me to the Pending Members, now with 2 showing.

Each Accept does the same thing. Puts the member in the members lists and returns the BAD PANDA page, and one must show previous page to get back to the Pending Members.

Edit 2021-01-04: For completeness, MacBook Pro 2019, macOS Big Sur 11.1, Safari 14.0.2
Posted at 1:16PM, 3 January 2021 PST ( permalink | reply )
R L Catlow (staff) edited this topic 3 weeks ago.

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decembre says:

Same for me ... since one or 2 weeks.
Posted 3 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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DrgnMastr says:

Also reported recently at:
Posted 3 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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pongo 2007 says:

Same here, been a while now.

*Edited to add:
Windows 7 64 bit
using Firefox 71.0 64 bit
Posted 3 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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DrgnMastr says:

Just had a new member request for one of my groups, and thought to try it with Firefox. SAME PROBLEM. Member accepted and then Bad Panda.

MacBook Pro 2019, macOS Big Sur 11.1, Firefox 84.0.1 (64-bit)
Posted 3 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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newmanm051 says:

Same here:
Windows 10
Google Chrome
Posted 3 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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Flickr Staff

R L Catlow says:

Hi all,

Thanks for flagging.

I've created a bug report with our engineers. I will report back here once we have more information to share.

Posted 3 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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@_megareds_ says:

Sorry to be late to the party... but me too. Been a few weeks. The "we know about the problem and are fixing it" message should be retired.
Posted 3 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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decembre says:

I have always the same PB...
Posted 2 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )
decembre edited this topic 2 weeks ago.

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Paris-Roubaix says:

Surely not . . . its been 'resolved' . . . so they say again and again. Still getting regular visits from the panda here though.
Posted 2 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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Ghostrider 203#5 says:

It has been like this since November last year, when there was also an issue with it not showing who was making the request to join, and then when you clicked on the view the members photostream it came up with a bad link. The only way you could view who was requesting was going to the group page and clicking on the pending members name there and when you accept you get bad panda. but it works properly if you decline the request
Posted 1 week ago. ( permalink | reply )

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beverleyplaya says:

I have noticed that it flags up bad panda . . but if you click on the arrow on your task bar to go back . . then come back again, it works . . it has done for me and so . . just thought I'd mention it.
Posted 9 days ago. ( permalink | reply )

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suziegurl60 says:


Same here as yourself
Posted 8 days ago. ( permalink | reply )

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