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Why does Flickr allow pornography on the site?

princessangel says:

Pornography comes up all the time when I am researching photos! I don't like seeing it! Maybe this is why people are not joining or leaving!
Posted at 6:16AM, 15 October 2020 PDT ( permalink )

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Яick Harris says:

Possibly, those leaving the site, don't know how to use the site. Click your avatar, select settings, select the Privacy & Permissions Tab, and turn SafeSearch: On
Posted 10 days ago. ( permalink )

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Groups ~ Administration says:

Unfortunately, there are those who do not set "safety levels" on their images correctly, I.E. safe, moderate or restricted, so even using "safe" search could possibly yield porn or nude images.
Posted 10 days ago. ( permalink )

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Flickr Staff

katie_ko says:


As Яick Harris mentioned, a good first step is to ensure you have your SafeSearch turned on. This allows you to control what turns up in your searches on Flickr.

We rely heavily on the community to flag improperly moderated content, so if you come across an account that violates our Community Guidelines, please feel free to report it to us directly.

(edited to fix incomplete sentence)
Posted 10 days ago. ( permalink )
katie_ko (staff) edited this topic 10 days ago.

This thread has been closed by Flickr Staff.

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