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Private Groups are they searchable?

diane.cotton92 says:

I just created a private group for our camera club but it appears you can't find it in a group search with keywords or the full name. I thought that only the photos would not be visible, not the whole group header. How do people find it to join?
Posted at 2:45PM, 14 October 2020 PDT ( permalink | reply )

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C-Aida says:

Private groups are not searchable, they are meant to be private.
You'll have to send invitations to those whom you'd like to join the group.
Posted 1 week ago. ( permalink | reply )

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Midnight-Blue says:

You can set up a group to be public and yet hide the group photos from non members. You can also hide the group discussions from non members. Somewhere under the groups administrative settings there is the ability to "change what non-members can see." But since you already made the group private, there is no way to make it public now as private groups can't be made public. Well, you could close the group and start over since you just created it.

This help article has info about what changes you can make to a group.
Posted 1 week ago. ( permalink | reply )

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