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anyone else hate stats?

minions & myrmidons says:

i don't care about them and that chart is a pain when i open up flickr. is there a way to customize that ie get rid of them and just see the photography from people i've "faved"?

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Posted at 4:13PM, 31 July 2020 PDT ( permalink )
R L Catlow (staff) edited this topic 6 days ago.

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Viejito says:

Eliminating stats is easy: they go away when you stop paying for Flickr.
But you would then have to eliminate two thirds of your images...
Posted 7 days ago. ( permalink )

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mcnod says:

minions & myrmidons:

is there a way to customize that ie get rid of them

The sidebar will remain and is not customizable by the end-user. You could probably block the item with an ad-blocker, but you will not recover the space for any other use.
Posted 7 days ago. ( permalink )

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micael18 says:


With the add blocker on for this site, it some times can't function well.
Posted 6 days ago. ( permalink )

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conall.. says:

if you just bookmark
and then use it as your landing page for Flickr then this will give you the recent photos from people you follow.

The home page with the side bar is entirely optional and easy to avoid
Posted 6 days ago. ( permalink )

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Flickr Staff

R L Catlow says:

minions & myrmidons:

Hi there,

We did have an official thread on the new activity feed, asking our members for feedback.

[Official Thread] We’re rolling out a new Flickr activity feed

The topic has since been closed, but you can head there and check out the comments.

Currently there is no way to hide the sidebar.

I am now closing this thread as we have answered the OP's question.

Posted 6 days ago. ( permalink )

This thread has been closed by Flickr Staff.

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