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Tagging and Searching issues

SergioThorPhoto says:

Hi, so i spent alot of time tagging correctly all my photos so its easy to search them for me but i run into some issues like:

Tags not working:
I shot a photos with 24-70mm f2.8 lens, so i added tags to all of them "24-70" 24-70mm" "2.8" "f2.8"
now if i search my photos for "24-70mm 2.8" - get 4 results
searching for "24-70mm f2.8" - get 37 results
yet all those pictures have same tag of "2.8"

Also cant search my photos using Icelandic letters:
Many photos have tittles using icelandic letters and also tags like "Þingvellir"
i get 0 results when searching for them, so i have to tag them "Thingvellir" (gets me 61 photos)
only thing i can see is 1 album called "Þingvellir" and all other flickr users photos
Posted at 8:25PM, 24 July 2020 PDT ( permalink | reply )

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Flickr Staff

R L Catlow says:


Hi there,

I am shooting over an email now to the email address tied to your Flickr account to perform some troubleshooting.

Posted 2 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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cnmark says:


Also cant search my photos using Icelandic letters:
Many photos have tittles using icelandic letters and also tags like "Þingvellir"

That Flickr search apparently only supports a very limited character set is unfortunately a long known and unresolved issue - one cannot search for anything like ä, ö, ü, ß, Þ, æ, (or whatever else such "special" character comes to mind...)
Posted 2 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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