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multiple photos on different albums

Luke b Domingo says:

Hi ,
I'm trying to trim down my photo numbers .
I have lots of photos that fit into different albums ..

Im trying to delete quite a few .. so they are only in one album ..
But when I delete them ..then they are deleted not only from the album but from everywhere ..

How can I delete just from one album .. without loosing the master image ..

Posted at 1:03PM, 15 April 2019 PST ( permalink )

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kmacgray says:

Luke b Domingo:

It sounds like you are deleting them from your photostream, which will remove them everywhere they appear on Flickr, including any albums they have been added to. What you want to do is remove them from just the album. Since albums don't contain actual photos, all you would be doing is removing the visual link back to your photostream. The original image remains untouched.
Posted 8 months ago. ( permalink )

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hkavas says:

Go to the image from your photostream you'll see below albums.You may click on X on the album you want to exclude.That is all.
Posted 8 months ago. ( permalink )

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Stig Nygaard says:

Luke b Domingo:

I'm trying to trim down my photo numbers .

If you are trimming down because of limit on free accounts, you have misunderstood something. Each photo on Flickr counts as one photo, no matter if you have it included in zero, one, two or many of your albums.
Photos in albums are not individual copies. It is the same photos that just can be seen and found in multiple ways.

There are several ways to remove a photo from an album without deleting the photo. One way is to go to the photopage and scroll down to where it says "This photo is in N albums" in right column. When you hover mouse over an album here, you can remove the photo from that album by clicking the little x that becomes visible. But again, that doesn't change your Flickr photo-count.
Posted 8 months ago. ( permalink )
Stig Nygaard edited this topic 8 months ago.

This thread was closed automatically due to a lack of responses over the last month.

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