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Turquoise color fading in Safari and Flickr app.

Frank Deschandol says:


I noticed a few weeks ago that some of my pictures with turquoise color were fading in Safari, but everything worked correctly with Firefox or Chrome. And it was *not* the case before..

I thought it was a problem linked to Safari but in the Flickr app on my iPhone, it is the same story. Really weird because on the thumbnails, the colors are Ok but when I click to enlarge the photo, it stays nice for a split second and then turquoise-blue becomes like grey.

I uploaded some pictures with different profiles and only sRGB seems to be fine. So the problem is almost solved, Flickr doesn't support Adobe RGB 98....

I say "almost" because as a professional, all my pics are Adobe RGB 98, and btw that is what photo agencies need. I do not have time and I do not want to convert all my pictures to sRGB only for Flickr. I have only this trouble in Flickr, nowhere else.

I have to say if that issue is not fixed in the following months, for sure next year I will have to find another way, leaving Flickr.. no choice.

Posted at 9:54AM, 15 April 2019 PST ( permalink )

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jschumacher says:

Frank Canon:

sRGB is the "safe" color profile preferred by web browsers. How does your Adobe RGB 98 photo look if you view it on Safari when the file is on your desktop (i.e. not uploaded to Flickr), or if you upload it to imgur or other image hosting service?
Posted 8 months ago. ( permalink )

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Frank Deschandol says:


Well, I just checked and everything is OK if I open the picture directly in Safari... I thought first something was wrong with this browser but it is the same story with Flickr app. So I guess it is not only the browser fault..

See the difference here between the sRGB and Adobe RGB 98 on Flickr app. :
Posted 8 months ago. ( permalink )

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Frank Deschandol says:

After several tests, my conclusion is that many of my last pictures were altered by Flickr itself giving a crappy view in Safari.

I tried again to upload the same pics with the same profile Adobe RGB 98, using the same software etc., and everything works fine now.

It was strange that it happened suddenly because the pics were all fine just after the upload. ..

Not only the blue color was altered but yellow and green too.

I just hope this won't happen again.
Posted 8 months ago. ( permalink )

This thread was closed automatically due to a lack of responses over the last month.

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