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[Official Thread] Introducing the new Flickr Search

Flickr Staff

adstads says:

Search is probably a key aspect of your experience no matter how you use Flickr. Today, we are thrilled to bring you a new and powerful unified interface to search for images, people, and groups.

We designed the new search to address much of the feedback you’ve shared with us, including dramatic loading and scrolling performance improvements and a new thumbnail view so that you can more easily scan results. The unified view now includes different sections for your albums, your photostream, people you follow, and the Flickr community. Our new advanced search options give you the ability to filter images by color, size, and orientation as well as more easily find active groups on any topic. Further, search results for people and groups are just one click away.

We have also been working on countless improvements to our search algorithms so that you see higher quality results for every search. Some of these enhancements are already live on the site, and many more will be coming out in the next few weeks. Perhaps more than any other feature, search is never finished -- with this new platform in place, we’ll continue our work to serve you the best results on Flickr for every search you can imagine.

You may access the new search as you have in the past: simply type a query in the search bar at the top of every page. As this is a Beta feature, we’ll be rolling it out slowly -- if you don’t see the new experience yet, search again soon! And if you have issues or feedback, we want to hear about them. Please share on this thread.

Additional features that will be added:
- You will have the ability to specify a custom image size when searching.
- Groups discussion searches will be updated to match the new design.
- The autosuggest panel that pops up to help you search on some pages today will be updated to work consistently across the site.

Known issues that will be fixed:
- You cannot right-click to open people and groups results in a new tab. [fixed!]
- The people and groups tabs are not as responsive to browser size as we’d like.
- You’re unable to comment directly on images.

(edit to add links to screenshots)
Posted at 11:26AM, 9 March 2015 PDT ( permalink )
adstads (staff) edited this topic 52 months ago.

( in [Official Thread] Introducing the new Flickr Search)

This thread was closed automatically due to a lack of responses over the last month.

( in [Official Thread] Introducing the new Flickr Search)
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