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My Favorites Disappeared from Apple TV

bobapsu says:

I set my Apple TV up to display Flickr photos a very cool feature. Well, I added myself as a contact, and I could see my photo stream, my favorites, and all my contacts and their stuff. Then, suddenly my Favorites disappeared from the Apple TV, leaving just my photo stream.

I checked and I can still see my contacts and their favorites just not mine... This is a pain because I was using my favorites as a screensaver.

Does anyone have any idea why just my favorites would disappear from Apple TV? In the period when the disappearance occurred, I didn't change any Flickr settings or anything. In fact, the only thing I did during the period was add a few photos to my favorites...

Has anyone seen this?

Thank you in advance

Oh, and I did add a couple of restricted pics to my favorites, but I can still access my contacts favorites some of whom def have restricted pics in theirs...
Posted at 7:00PM, 7 January 2013 PDT ( permalink )

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ColleenM PRO says:

As far as I know, you should only be able to see images that are flagged as safe and are public. If some of the images you favorited were incorrectly flagged you may have been able to see them, but once Flickr was notified, and the accounts set to unsafe, the images should have disappeared.
Posted 43 months ago. ( permalink )

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bobapsu says:

Hey thanks, well many of my favorites are pics from my contacts, and those pics, safe or not, show up when I access them or their favorites on the AppleTV... blah
Posted 43 months ago. ( permalink )

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Lú_ PRO says:

Maybe ask Apple TV? It's their app.
Posted 43 months ago. ( permalink )

This thread was closed automatically due to a lack of responses over the last month.

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