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A Picture used for publicity without the consent of the people featured in the photo

Mauricio Ch. says:

The thing is this. There is this Ex-students reunion of my school and the people in charge of publicity decided this year to advertise the reunion/party with photogs of last year same event. A friend of mine appear in one of the pictures featured in the publicity, he appear drunk (not puked, or naked, just sleeping). The thing is he does´t want to be in the publicity.

The strange thing is that there is other people who also appear in the photo but their faces are blurred (they are not drunk). My friend was wondering is there something bad on this situation. Can he asks for the photo to be shut down? or he is just a victim of the candid and he must be the "model" on the publicity.

Pd.- It´s a Facebook Photo, so I don´t know if you can check it.
Posted at 4:50PM, 13 November 2012 PST ( permalink )

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The Searcher PRO says:

If it didn't happen on Flickr there isn't anything Flickr or Flickr members could do to help. And unfortunately if it's on a Facebook page, and not actually used for commercial advertising, legally there may be nothing your friend can do.

However if they blurred out the other photos they may have done so by simple request. So your friend should just send them a message and ask them to obscure his face as well.
Posted 61 months ago. ( permalink )

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iansand PRO says:

Your friend should be grateful for your concern, in particular for the wider dissemination you have given the shot. Very thoughtful of you.

There is little you can do, apart from asking the organisers of the event to take the photo down.
Posted 61 months ago. ( permalink )

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RubyMae PRO says:

This forum is for help using flickr. If you need help with something on facebook, it's best to ask there.
Posted 61 months ago. ( permalink )

This thread was closed automatically due to a lack of responses over the last month.

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