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Photos not showing up in slideshow

stinkydogphotography says:

I have my photo permissions set to public, yet they are not available to people who are not signed in to Flickr. I have gone through all the settings and cannot find any restrictive settings that would prevent them from being available on a slideshow without being signed in. Any idea what may be preventing photos from showing up in a slideshow when a person has the slideshow link?
Thank you for your help!
Posted at 12:01PM, 23 April 2012 PDT ( permalink )

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Lú_ PRO says:

At least some of your photos are marked with a Moderate filter. You can change them all to Safe in the Organizr.
Posted 52 months ago. ( permalink )

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Hairlover PRO says:

      You have 62 photos set to "Moderate", which is everything you've uploaded in April (the Nasa / shuttle pix). They were probably miss-set during upload. They will not be visible to visitors who are not signed in or who have Safe Search "on". You can easily reset the filters in just a few seconds.

♦ Open the Organizr
  ♦ Near the lower left, click the box "All your content"
    ♦ Select "April 19"
      ♦ Just above the photo strip ("findr bar"), click "Select all"
        ♦ Click and drag the photos up to the work area
          ♦ Repeat for April 17
            ♦ Click "Permissions"
              ♦ Click "Set safety filters"
                ♦ Select "Safe"
                  ♦ Click "Change safety filters"
      Be sure to perform the last two steps, even if the "Safe" radio button is already ticked. This represents your default setting, not the current setting of the photos themselves.
Posted 52 months ago. ( permalink )
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This thread was closed automatically due to a lack of responses over the last month.

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