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[Official Thread] Flickr has agreed to be acquired by SmugMug - Discussion Post Matthew Almon RothPRO 907 2 weeks ago

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Log in Up the Creek RickErailPRO 119 26 minutes ago
Anyone else notice the rainbow progress bar? Bear DalePRO 18 41 minutes ago
[Fixed] Stats are broken again Gertrud K.PRO 141 5 hours ago
Where's my albums???? popeyethewelderPRO 1 6 hours ago
[bug] Flickr 4.5.0 Auto Upload has stopped working dfjkl 36 6 hours ago
'Follow' notification preview images and genitalia knessia 17 11 hours ago
I can't see the Share buttons, and there are other glitches as well. Shan JeniahPRO 0 11 hours ago
Stats still broken? Now reporting too few views??!! Dean ForbesPRO 6 14 hours ago
[Bug] Flickr cannot connect to Twitter alexelcuPRO 1 14 hours ago
Please just add a download photo button on the mobile site... please... ecyelle 1 15 hours ago
Wrong stats dozydotesPRO 34 17 hours ago
flickr uploader does not work dennistPRO 6 17 hours ago
Uploaded video (slide show) in avi format TonyFernando 2 18 hours ago
Now there's a problem with Notifications! MikeJDavisPRO 2 19 hours ago
request to stop using random [adjective] [noun] combinations as names for deleted accounts' x3snap 170 21 hours ago
Recent Activity Thomas HawkPRO 272 21 hours ago
Report - Photos in Groups Rex BlockPRO 0 22 hours ago
Android Flickr app LatiumPRO 1 23 hours ago
Uploading Issues again!!!!!!!! andyrat1 1 23 hours ago
sharing album-link to facebook inactive uhebeisenPRO 0 25 hours ago

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