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[Official Thread] Why do I see a prompt to add an alternate email? Matthew Almon RothPRO 5 59 minutes ago
Login issues? Try this. Matthew Almon RothPRO 1,015 6 hours ago

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iPhone:Flickr tells me I don't have an internet connection when I do Mz.GalorePRO 0 3 minutes ago
Odd message received re adding backup email address Giant_SchnauzerPRO 8 80 minutes ago
stats total reduced Suziecd/tvPRO 2 83 minutes ago
When I share a photo to my Tumblr blog it reveals my real name on Tumblr trace B fotos 0 2 hours ago
Downloading photos cedric.suzman 2 2 hours ago
[fix deployed] flickr mac Uploadr app not work with OSX Sierra faaariiis 88 2 hours ago
adding recovery email / security shiroibasketshoes hopperPRO 10 2 hours ago
Staff thanks for update ..Jellyfields has your pics East Texan the original 1,126 2 hours ago
Pro Acct and transferring from an Xtra email acct to a Yahoo account HelenB55 5 3 hours ago
Uploads not working - hangs at 'publishing' gravelben 16 3 hours ago
Some of my posts aren't showing who made "favorite" on them ⌘ Alexul Danick ⌘ Blogger 19 3 hours ago
flickr mail [badge] disappearance ~Craig~PRO 76 3 hours ago
[fixed] Pressing "L" causing error message to show up webeagle12PRO 14 3 hours ago
New - Videos How can I determine which videos actually uploaded or not, and how long they are for? For ex. I see that you can upload 1 GB per video but only 3 minutes worth madeleinesummernightPRO 2 4 hours ago
Safe/Mod/Restricted Penny and her Ninetales 5 4 hours ago
Where are my stats? MichaelRyersonPRO 3 4 hours ago
Changing Primary Email Address rezpatriot 2 5 hours ago
Account Andre Struik 2 6 hours ago
Manage private album sharing / guest pass link through API Alex131089 5 6 hours ago
Instagram sharing to Flickr not working LittleWeirdosPRO 17 6 hours ago

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