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The Community Help Forum is a great place to start if you need help with Flickr (just like our extensive Help Center). Our community is full of helpful, clever people who know more about Flickr than we do!

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[Official Thread] Ongoing improvements & updates to Free & Pro plans Don-MacAskill 8,763 8 hours ago
[Official Thread] Timeline extension for free Flickr accounts over 1,000 photos + videos adstads 147 10 hours ago
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Hi SmugMug, my wish list for Flickr Kelly Cheng 1,350 17 hours ago
Mobile app update: stats on the go. itsnihir 88 3 days ago
[Official thread] New organizational tool for curating images on Flickr jordansendar 163 4 days ago
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[Official Thread] Uploads locked for free members with 1,000+ photos or videos. adstads 0 6 weeks ago

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Possibly inappropriate picture in Explore bztraining 6 7 minutes ago
Flickr embed/include in Wordpress (selfhosted) olatheviking 25 15 minutes ago
Stats not adding up Annieseed2009 7 38 minutes ago
People You Follow M.P.N.texan 51 45 minutes ago
This is what my group pages look like V.C. Wald 37 49 minutes ago
From peaking views to almost no views at all Karsten Gieselmann 19 51 minutes ago
PS Vita app no longer works. daedmike 0 60 minutes ago
Why the blurry photos? rbb32 3 61 minutes ago
[Bug] Serious bug in Stats Gösta Knochenhauer 32 2 hours ago
Compressed Zip FIles are Invalid scsoxx 6 3 hours ago
fotogroep Yvonne Blokland 7 3 hours ago
Android Flickr app keep crashing Green Baron Pro 32 3 hours ago
Safety Rating re-scan. Support not functioning? Demy Ansar 11 6 hours ago
My photo was replaced by a tiny box with an "X" inside ThomasWMutherJr 8 6 hours ago
unable to download from mobile app (own photos) Dan Verbruggen 1 8 hours ago
Why is Flickr so glitchy? The Chimes 11 12 hours ago
Photos I just Uploaded not visible to me, but apparently to others the foreign photographer - ฝรั่งถ่ 16 14 hours ago
Missing Photos jzhan155 6 17 hours ago
[Fixed... for now...] No thumbnails! Viejito 12 17 hours ago
No Images david_c_reed 5 18 hours ago

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