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Can I send a photo to Flickr from my camera phone?

Absolutely! You can upload photos to Flickr from your camera using your unique email upload address. Set it up here.

When you upload photos via email, the subject line is used as the title of your photo, and the body of the email is used as the description.

You can also upload your camera phone photos to an outside blog. First, set up the blog (see the Blogs FAQ section for help). Then register a unique email upload address to post to your blog. Photos emailed to that address will be blogged automatically. When you're auto-blogging, the subject line of the email is used as the title, and the body is posted as the photo description.

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Can I send to Flickr and blog from my mobile device?

You can send photos straight from your phone to your blog via Flickr. First set up your blog in Flickr, and then get yourself a special email address to send your photos to.

Each member of Flickr can get a specific 'Upload2Blog' email address. Set yours up here. When that's done, photos uploaded to the new address will be blogged automatically and posted into your Flickr photostream.

When you upload photos via email, use the subject line to give your photo a title, and the body of the email to give it a description. These will be carried over to your blog entry, if you specify this on the set up page mentioned above.

There is a really simple mobile version of Flickr available too, though you can only log in to it if you have a Yahoo! ID.

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My mobile phone service provider puts a signature in all the posts I send from my phone! How do I stop that?

Unfortunately, you can't do anything to stop this automatically. We need to remove each kind of signature as they come up. If you come across this happening, you can let us know and we'll get to it as soon as we can.

In the meantime, you could omit the body of your email in the post you make to Flickr (and your blog), or just delete the crud when you edit in Flickr.

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My Nokia phone isn't listed? What do I do?

Unfortunately, the Flickr integration to allow direct upload isn't available on all Nokia devices. But don't worry, there are other great ways to easily upload from your device to Flickr. You can use our upload by email settings to send an email from your device to Flickr. You can also use third-party clients (such as Shozu) to upload photos to Flickr.

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How can I add tags when I upload via email or my phone?

Just type "tags:" in the subject line or body of the email followed by the list of tags you want added to the photo(s). (The rest of the subject line in is converted to the photo's title and the body of the email becomes the photo's description.)

Here's an example of adding tags in action.

Subject: Lucy, my new cat   tags: cute "black cat"

Lucy does the funniest dance moves!

Isn't she cute?

Or you could send them in the body:

Subject: Lucy, my new cat

Lucy does the funniest dance moves!

Isn't she cute?

tags: cute "black cat"

(If you include tags in the email body, they must be at the beginning of a new line.)

Note: Tags sent via email are used in addition to any default tags you set up.

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How many photos can I upload by email?

There's no set limit, but this feature was designed to upload single images from camera phones. You can send multiple photos through your regular email client, but you may have problems uploading some of them.

You may encounter problems if you email large numbers of photos at one time or send very high-resolution or large-size images. You may also have problems due to weird message formatting caused by different mail programs or mail server/transit problems outside of our control.

Since these issues vary, we suggest emailing fewer images at a time. You may have to experiment to find out what works best for you.

If you upload photos but they don’t appear right away, give it some time. If your mail server doesn't connect with ours on the first attempt, it may take awhile before it tries again.

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How can I use Flickr from my mobile device?

Apps, apps, apps!

There are official Flickr apps for your iPhone, iPod touch, Android, or Windows Phone 7 device. To get these, start at our mobile page. In addition to these apps there are also many, many 3rd party apps in Flickr's App Garden.

Optimized mobile website

The mobile site at is optimized for viewing on mobile devices. But you are welcome to use either that or the full Flickr site at

All of the account settings on are controlled by what you set on your main account. If there are any settings that you'd like to change (recent activity, language, photos from contacts), you can do so when logged into the main site and the changes will then be reflected on

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What happened? My Flickr app icon just turned into a ...Photo!

If you pin the Flickr app to your Windows Phone 7 homescreen, we will after some time (sometimes it takes a few hours) broadcast interesting photography to this icon. Have fun!

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Can I post to Flickr and Twitter from my mobile?

There are a few ways you can use Flickr to tweet your photos. The first thing to do to post to Twitter from Flickr is setup and authorize posting to Twitter.

You can tweet directly from the official iPhone and Windows Phone 7 Flickr apps. Just go through the setup and authorization as described above and the apps will automatically be Twitter-enabled.

There are also lots of 3rd party apps out there for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7. Most of them let you tweet your pics when you upload.

You can also Flickr2Twitter by email. Just send a photo or video to your unique 2Twitter address. The photo will upload to Flickr and automatically send a Twitter update! A lot of mobile phones let you send email so this is an easy way to Tweet photos from your mobile even if you don't have one of the phones mentioned above.

The Subject line of the message will be both the Flickr title and the tweet. You have 116 characters for your message and the rest will be a special short URL.

Also, if your photos are geotagged you can also choose to include that in your tweet.

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Why am I seeing errors when trying to login to the iPhone app?

The two most common issues are if the username/password you are entering is incorrect and if cookies are turned off on your browser.

If you are seeing an error that says "Sorry, we are having trouble signing you in at this time." or if you are clicking the "Ok, I'll authorize it" button but nothing is happening you will need to make sure your cookies are turned on. To check this, open Settings on your phone and go into the Safari settings.

If your cookies are turned on make sure the username and password you are entering is correct. You can do this by simply logging into the main Flickr website.

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What's a geofence?

Geofences let you set your default geo privacy to Anyone, contacts only, etc. but still restrict it to 'Family Only' for home, or 'Friends only' for work, your favorite park, or any other area you want to be more private. So when you are out taking pictures on your camera phone you can have Flickr show the location but automatically hide it when you upload from home!

You can manage geofences on your geo privacy page.

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How do I upload my photos?

The easiest way to upload to Flickr is to use our Web Uploadr. For quick access we have added an "Upload" link to the navigation at the top of every Flickr page.

If you want to upload from your smartphone, you can use one of our Apps for the iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone, or check out the mobile version of Flickr,

You can also email your photos to your Flickr account. You have your own unique email address that you can use to add your photos to your Flickr photostream or to upload photos to your Flickr photostream AND automatically post them to your blog. Configure your email upload settings here.

Lastly, we and many third-party developers provide a range of uploading tools for both Windows and Mac that will help you get your photos on Flickr.

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I don't see Flickr listed as an option on my N-series device. What do I do?

If you can't see Flickr as an option when you try to connect to the Flickr service, your device wasn't shipped with Flickr settings ready to go. Sorry about that!

It's not hard to fix this. Download a special config file for your device.

Click this link to download the config file onto your computer

Then, transfer the file to your phone and install it.

  • Via Bluetooth:
    Find the file on your computer, and Bluetooth it to your phone. The file will turn up in your messaging inbox. Click the file to install it.
  • With a USB cable (Windows only):
    Drag and drop the config file onto your device, and then go to the File Manager and install it by opening the config file.

Note: If you have an N72, there is a chance that you might not have the Online Sharing Software installed (in addition to the config file described above). If you don't see "open online service" in the Options menu on your N72, you must download and install the online sharing software from the N72 support site. This issue does not affect users of N73 and N93 devices.

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How do I use geofences?

From your Geo Preferences page make sure you have your default privacy set. Then start creating a geofence by searching for a location. Tip: It's easiest to start by entering a full address.

(1) Center the dot over the location, (2) set the size of the fence, (3) set who can see it, and (4) give it a name. After you create the fence we will give you the option to (5) set the geoprivacy for all the photos already in that fence to your new preference.

To create or edit a geofence just set the name, location, and radius to let us know what area it should cover. You can set the location by searching for an address or zooming in on the map. After you create or edit the geofence, we give you the option to change all of the photos already in that fence.

Good things to know about geofences

  • If two geofences overlap, we apply the one that is most private.
  • If a photo's location is changed, we apply the more private option. For example, if you move a photo from inside a geofence where a 'Friends only' geo privacy was set, to an area where the default is 'Anyone' we use the 'Friends only' setting to maintain your privacy.
  • The location we have is only as good as your device. If you upload a photo taken in a geofence, but your mobile phone reports the location incorrectly, it may show as outside the fence. Even in this case nothing is shown in the fence, as you specified and you can always change the location and geo privacy.

* Geofences are areas on the map which you want to be more private than your default. So if you have the overall default to 'Private' you won't have a need for geofences.

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