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Where can I keep up on activity on my apps?

Currently activity on app pages doesn't show in your recent activity feed. The best place to check for new activity is Apps By You where you can see the number of comments and faves for each app. We know that this isn't optimal and we will be adding a better way to track activity in a future release.

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What does "Recent activity" show?

Recent activity A shows what is happening around your account.

In addition to views for Activity on your photos and Replies to your comments, you can also view your Messages, see it all together, or make a custom view.

Save C makes that view your default so it will be the first thing you see in Recent activity. This no longer applies to your Home Page.


In response to member feedback we have also added the ability to mute B items that you don't want to see new activity on.

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What if I don't want to see activity on a photo?

On your home page:

To mute activity around a particular photo on your home page, hover your cursor over the photo and a mute option will appear in the right hand corner of the activity item.

On your Activity page:

If there is an image that you commented on a while ago but don't want to see new activity on, you can now mute it . (you can do this on anything in recent activity)

To un-mute something, just go to your muted items view and un-mute it.

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What’s the difference between my new home page and my recent activity feed?

Your new home page is a snazzier version of the Activity page and will show you almost everything you’re used to seeing there, along with recent uploads from your contacts. With each new activity item, your home page will display a beautiful story card with a timestamp of when it happened. You can also fave and comment on all the photos right there in your home page feed.

To get back to your home page from anywhere on the site, simply click on Flickr logo in the top left of the page.

Over on your Activity page, you’ll have a little more control over exactly which items appear, if customization is your thing. Just click the “Custom view” link in the top right of the page and deselect the activity items you don’t want to see.

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What is Yahoo! Updates?

Yahoo! Updates is a service that lets you share and view activity across multiple social networks, including on Yahoo!.

We use the Yahoo! Updates service in a couple ways,

To connect Flickr to Facebook. Yahoo! Updates lets us easily share Flickr uploads to your Facebook feed. You will also see Facebook and Flickr updates on the Yahoo! Network. (in Yahoo! Mail, Messenger, etc.) Only you can see these updates on Yahoo! unless you choose to make them public.

To connect Flickr to Yahoo!. If you have friends who connect with you on Yahoo!, you can share your Flickr uploads with them.

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How do I set up email notifications?

If you'd like a quick email about new activity on your photostream or new photos from your contacts you can set these up in email notifications (starting October 13, 2009 this is turned on by default for new accounts).

These concise emails are a great way to see see what's going on and who's doing what. You can even choose how often they're sent, immediately, daily, or weekly in the email notification settings.

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How do I set up email notifications?

If you'd like a quick email about new activity on your photostream or new photos from your contacts you can set these up in email notifications.

These concise emails are a great way to see see what's going on and who's doing what. You can even choose how often they're sent, immediately, daily, or weekly in the email notification settings.

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How can I tell when people leave comments?

When someone leaves a comment, you can see it on your home page. You can also get to the recent activity page using the "You" menu at the top of the page.

If you aren't seeing comments on your photos, make sure that you have a view saved that shows activity on your photos.

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How will I know when I’m added to a photo?

You’ll receive a one-time FlickrMail the first time someone adds you to a photo, or adds a person to one of your photos.

From then on, when someone adds you to a photo or video it will show up on your home page along with the photo you were added to, and also in your Recent Activity.

(To be notified about your Recent Activity, turn on Email Notifications.)

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Will I be notified if one of my contacts writes me a testimonial?

If one of your contacts writes you a testimonial, you will receive a notification in your recent activity and can approve the testimonial. Email notifications for pending testimonials are still under construction, but they *will return soon*.

You can also check to see if you have any testimonials awaiting your approval by visiting this page.

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The app page says some comments have been deleted, what does that mean?

Just like on a photo page, the owner of an app page can delete comments. This allows the developer to delete spam or other unwanted comments.

However, since someone using the app might want a more complete picture of the activity around it we show how many comments, by how many people, have been deleted. Deleting comments is not necessarily bad. It may be that someone was being abusive or spamming the page. We include this as another piece of information to consider when looking at an app page.

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How can I use Flickr from my mobile device?

Apps, apps, apps!

There are official Flickr apps for your iPhone, iPod touch, Android, or Windows Phone 7 device. To get these, start at our mobile page. In addition to these apps there are also many, many 3rd party apps in Flickr's App Garden.

Optimized mobile website

The mobile site at is optimized for viewing on mobile devices. But you are welcome to use either that or the full Flickr site at

All of the account settings on are controlled by what you set on your main account. If there are any settings that you'd like to change (recent activity, language, photos from contacts), you can do so when logged into the main site and the changes will then be reflected on

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What is an RSS feed?

RSS feeds are addresses that look pretty much like any other link on the web (http://...) but act differently. When you give an RSS address to an RSS reader (called subscribing to a feed) it will tell you when there is something new at that site! For example, if you subscribe to a friend's RSS feed, your RSS reader, will show you when she uploads new photos! Or if you subscribe to a group's discussion, the new posts will come to you in your RSS reader instead of you having to go to the group.

Flickr has RSS feeds for photostreams, sets, favorites, group pools, group discussions, recent activity, the Flickr Blog, and even some searches!

You will see this icon on the bottom of any page that has an RSS feed. When you see that, copy the "Feed" or "Latest" link next to it, and give that to your RSS reader. (the 'geoFeed' link is for geotagged photos and the 'KML' link can be used with Google Earth.)

If you don't have an RSS reader lots can be found here.

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I deleted my account/My account is deleted. Can I get it back?

When an account is deleted, the content including the photos, metadata, comments, and everything else will stay on the servers for 90 days, but is no longer publicly accessible. After that period, we erase it from our servers, ensuring a clean wipe of your information. If an account is reactivated within 90 days of deletion, the content will still be in the account when it is restored.

If you deleted your account yourself you can write in and, if we can verify you as the account owner, we can restore the account. If it has been less than 90 days, the content of the account will also be restored.

If your account is deleted/inactive but you didn't delete it, it's likely that it was deleted for violating the Flickr Community Guidelines and/or Yahoo! Terms of Service. Accounts in violation of the Community Guidelines will not be reactivated. Before deleting an account we review the content and activity against the Community Guidelines and delete only when that is the appropriate action according to our policies. However, if you believe that your account was deleted in error you can write to us using Help by Email.

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Can I link to my photography site?

Members are allowed to link to an external site where they show their photography portfolio and talk about their services. A single link to this site without sales verbiage under your photos is allowed. But we ask that you not link to a site with a shopping cart or that is essentially just selling prints.

Other commercial links are still not allowed on photo pages since, as noted in the Community Guidelines, Flickr is a personal photosharing service – not a site to sell or promote your products, services, or yourself, whether you’re a commercial entity, non-profit organization, or an individual.

"Don’t use Flickr to sell.
If we find you engaging in commercial activity, we will warn you or delete your account. Some examples include selling products, services, or yourself through your photostream or in a group, using your account solely as a product catalog, or linking to commercial sites in your photostream."

We don't allow commercial links on photos, sets, or other places in the photostream. We do allow you to have a commercial link in your profile – which is where people would go to find out more about you.

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