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Why do I need contacts?

Well, you don't need contacts, but they are nice to have! When you upload a photo, you can choose to share it with people you know.

Let's say you took some photos at your cousin's wedding, and you want to share them with your family in Flickr. When you upload the photos, you specify that you want to share them with your family. Next time family members look at your photostream, they will see all the wedding photos. People who aren't family members can't see those photos.

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How do I follow another member?

You can click the "Follow" button on a member's photostream, profile or photo page.

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What are the different types of contacts I can make?

You can mark anyone you meet or invite in Flickr as a contact. You can organize your contacts into friends, family, or friends and family.

The different types of contacts let you choose who sees what in your photostream. When you upload photos you can choose to have them be viewable to everyone, or just people you have marked as friends and/or family.

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Is there a limit on the number of contacts I can have?

There is a limit of 3,000 non-reciprocal contacts you can follow in Flickr. This does not affect how many people follow you (also known as "reverse contacts") but the number you can follow.

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How do I invite my friends into Flickr?

There's a link to invite your friends in the Contacts menu.

As you add people to an invitation, you can mark them as a friend or family. When someone accepts your invitation, they'll be made your contact automatically, and we'll send you a FlickrMail to let you know they've arrived.

You can also see a history of any invitations you've sent here.

Invitation to join a group

You can invite your friends to join any Flickr group you belong to. Just go to the group, and click the "Invite your Friends" link. (If they accept, we'll add them as your contact and stuff too.)

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How can I find my friends on Flickr?

You can look inside your email address book(s) to see if people you already know are already using Flickr with our “find your friends” feature. You can check your Yahoo! Mail, GMail, Windows Live, Facebook or Hotmail address books. If people in your address book(s) aren’t already members, you’ll be able send them an invitation to join in the fun.

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Who are these "People I may know"?

The "People you may know" module on the home page and in Flickr suggestions looks at who your contacts follow to show you Flickr members that you may know or whose photography you might be interested in following.

If there is someone whose face you don't want popping up every time (It's okay, we all have a few of those.) just click the X on the right of the suggestion and they won't show up again.

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What if I don't want to be found?

There’s a setting in Your Account that allows you to hide your profile from search results for people.

Hiding your profile like this will hide it from Flickr people searches, suggested contacts, from the “find your friends” address book search and from people searches on 3rd party sites. If you are employed by MI6, are a double agent of any kind, or are secretly Santa you might want to turn this on.

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How will my friends addresses be used?

Member privacy is very important to us at Flickr. Your friends’ email addresses are not stored by Flickr when you use the “find your friends” feature. When you look for matches in Flickr, no contacts will be added or invites sent unless you specifically decide you want to do that.

You can review our Privacy Policy here.

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Can everyone see my age, real name, email address, and IM names in my profile?

You can set whatever level of privacy you are comfortable with on using the Privacy Settings page. The default settings are as follows:

  Is shown to
Email address Any of your contacts
Instant messaging names Any of your contacts
Real name Anyone
Current city Anyone

The only information we require about you is your email address, and by default it is hidden from people you don't know. Since the other information isn't required, if you're privacy-conscious, leave these fields blank.

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If I remove someone from my contacts are they notified?

No, if you decide to remove someone from your contacts list or change their status (ex. from a Friend to a Contact), a notification is not sent to them.

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How do I unfollow someone?

To unfollow another member, click on the "Following" button on their photostream/profile/photo page. From the pop-up menu, you can unfollow that person.

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Another Flickr member is making me uncomfortable. What can I do?

You can block them.

People you block can't interact with you or your photos. In practice this means they:

There are three ways to block a person:

  1. Click the "Block [membername]" link on the person menu
  2. Click the "Block this person?" link on their profile page
  3. Delete a comment on one of your photos. (You'll see the option to block them, too.)

To see the people you've block on your block list, click the link at the bottom of your Contact List.

People you choose to block are not notified that you've blocked them.

You can release the blocked person anytime. Go to your "Contact List" under "Contacts" in the main menu. Removing the block does not restore anything that was deleted when you blocked them.

(Incidentally, we used to have a slightly less robust block mechanism that simply prevented people from commenting on your photos. Anyone who you had ignored like this - before July 27, 2005 - will now be blocked, but none of the robust block rules listed above apply to them. If you want them to, you'll need to block them again.)

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Someone is blocking me. What's up with that?

Blocking is a simple way to make sure that everyone is comfortable. If you've been blocked by somebody, it is most likely your interaction with them is outside their comfort zone.

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