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How is a collection different than a set?

A set contains photos. A collection can contain sets (or other collections).

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Isn't this just sets of sets?

Yes, but no. It's better.

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How many collections can I have?

You can make as many collections as you want, but there is a limit to how deeply they can be nested - you can nest them 5 deep.

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How do I make a collection?

First, go to the Organizr. Under the Sets and Collections tab, you'll see a link to create a new collection. Click that. Then, give your new collection a title and description. Once you've done that, you can drag sets into your new collection. When you're satisfied with it, click the "Create Mosaic" button to make a pretty icon for your new collection. We'll randomly choose some photos to use in your mosaic, but you can add any photo you like from the Findr for precisely the effect you want*.

*Within limits.

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How are the random images chosen for my collection mosaic?

Because your collection mosaic will be seen by anybody that has permission to view any of the photos it contains, when we automatically build collection mosaics we have a strong preference for using public photos. In fact, if the collection contains even one single public photo, we will only use public photos to build the mosaic. You can override this, of course, by dragging any photo you like from the findr (that's part of the Organizr) into the mosaic. You can rebuild the mosaic at any time. Here are some more details about how the 12 photos for the mosaic are chosen automatically:

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Who will be able to see my collections?

Collections behave just like sets. Anyone who has permission to view your photos will see that those photos are in a collection. Please note that private photos will appear in the mosaic if you choose to put them there, but that doesn't grant permission for everyone to see them within the collection.

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Can I have private images in my mosaic?

Yes, you can, buuuut be aware that anybody that has permission to see any of the photos within the collection will see the mosaic icon. And, if any of the photos you've used contravene the Terms of Service or our Community Guidelines, you'll probably get into trouble.

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How do I arrange things in a collection?

Once you have some collections in the Organizr, you'll find that you can rearrange the order by drag and drop. You can even rearrange the sets within the collections, with patented drag 'n' drop technology.

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Can a set be in more than one collection?

Yes, a set can be in more than one collection, but a collection can only be part of one other collection.

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How do I delete a collection?

In the Organizr, simply drag the collection to the bottom of the screen. If the collection that you're deleting contains other collections, you'll be asked if you want to delete them all, or if you want to keep the collections inside it. (They'll just be moved up.)

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Where will my collections appear?

You can find your Collections page in the "More" menu at the top of your Photostream.

Note: Friends & Family and private collections are not currently viewable for users viewing your photostream using a guest pass. Only Collections with public images will show for guests.

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