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I forgot my password!!

That's OK. It happens to the best of us. You can make a new one here. To get a new password, sign out completely.

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How do I change my password?

If you know your current password, you can change it here. (You can change your password as often as you want.)

If you forgot your password, you can follow this link, which will create an email that contains a link to a Flickr page where you can enter a new password.

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Can I add another email address to my account?

You can associate more than one email address with your account here. You must confirm that any address that you want to add is real and belongs to you.

Each time you add an address, we'll send a quick note to your primary email letting you know. We also send a confirmation to the new address. Please make sure you click on the confirmation link sent to the new address. We can't contact you at the new address until it's confirmed.

After you've confirmed the new address you can mark either one as your Primary Address. It is the address that we will use to send you email from Flickr.

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I don't want people to see my real name. How do I fix that?

The "Real name" field on your profile isn't required, so you can leave it blank. But, you can also set whatever level of privacy you are comfortable with on the privacy settings page.

The default settings are as follows:

  Is shown to
Email address Any of your contacts
Instant messaging names Any of your contacts
Real name Anyone
Current city Anyone

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Do I have to get an email from Flickr for every little thing?

No. You can tell us how much email (if any) you'd like us to send you on the Flickr notification settings page.

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How do I set up email notifications?

If you'd like a quick email about new activity on your photostream or new photos from your contacts you can set these up in email notifications (starting October 13, 2009 this is turned on by default for new accounts).

These concise emails are a great way to see see what's going on and who's doing what. You can even choose how often they're sent, immediately, daily, or weekly in the email notification settings.

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Why are the links different in emails sent from Flickr?

The links in emails sent from Flickr have an extra bit in the middle of the URL to let us know how effective they are so we can keep making Flickr better. Here's an example of what the URLs look like:

This lets us count the number of clicks from the emails and the type of link it was (ex. a photo, photostream, group, etc.) and that's it! Nothing about the click is associated to your account or the account it links to in any way.

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I signed up to receive notifications daily (or weekly), where are they?

You'll get your first notification 24 hours (or 7 days) from when you edited your notification settings.

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What is comScore?

There is a web beacon on Flickr pages from our web analytics partner comScore that lets us better track site usage. This lets us count the number of views on different pages (ex. a photo, photostream, group, etc.) and that's it! The views are not associated with your account or personal information in any way.

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If I sign up for activity notification by email, will I get an email for each and every comment/fave/note added to my photos?

Nope. We don't want to bring the wrath of the email gods down upon our heads and we're batching immediate activity. You'll receive no more than 3 emails an hour for either recent photostream activity or your contacts uploads.

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HTML email, ugh!

The email is actually multi-part, and many email clients can be configured to prefer the one or the other.

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Can I make all the photos I upload to Flickr private without setting it for each one?

Absolutely. We provide a page where you can set the overall default privacy level you will apply to your photos.

You can change this setting for individual-photos when you upload your photos.

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My friends have "friendly" Flickr URLs while I have a string of numbers. How do I get a friendly URL?

You can make your own Flickr alias. BUT!

You only get ONE SHOT at it, so choose carefully!

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Why can't I change the personalized URL I created for my account?

We're sorry, but it is not possible to change the personalized web address of an account once it has been set. Flickr has a firm policy on this in order to maintain data, metadata, and link integrity.

If you absolutely have to have a different personalized URL, you will need to create a brand new Flickr account and set the new URL there. You will then have to manually re-upload all of your photos to that new account. (Please note that there is no way to automatically transfer photos from one account to another.)

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What is the email address I use to send my photos to Flickr?

Everyone is allocated an individual email address to use. You can set up the upload by email address here.

You can also add photos to your own personal blog on the fly. Each time you add a photo to Flickr, you can set things up so your photo is posted to your blog automatically.

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How do I delete my account?

We're not sure if we should tell you... but... of course you can delete your account at anytime. Here's a link. *sniff*

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I deleted my account/My account is deleted. Can I get it back?

When an account is deleted, the content including the photos, metadata, comments, and everything else will stay on the servers for 90 days, but is no longer publicly accessible. After that period, we erase it from our servers, ensuring a clean wipe of your information. If an account is reactivated within 90 days of deletion, the content will still be in the account when it is restored.

If you deleted your account yourself you can write in and, if we can verify you as the account owner, we can restore the account. If it has been less than 90 days, the content of the account will also be restored.

If your account is deleted/inactive but you didn't delete it, it's likely that it was deleted for violating the Flickr Community Guidelines and/or Yahoo! Terms of Service. Accounts in violation of the Community Guidelines will not be reactivated. Before deleting an account we review the content and activity against the Community Guidelines and delete only when that is the appropriate action according to our policies. However, if you believe that your account was deleted in error you can write to us using Help by Email.

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Why do AT&T and Verizon Internet Service subscribers no longer get free pro?

AT&T and Verizon Internet Services have reworked their broadband packages and will no longer be offering Flickr pro to subscribers after January 31, 2009.

Don't panic! None of your photos or videos will be deleted, but if you have a free account you will be subject to a few limits. If you upgrade again, all of your photos will be waiting for you. Any of your sets that disappear will magically reappear when you renew or upgrade.

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How do I view my photos on my TV with AT&T U-verse?

U-verse is a product from AT&T, so the best place to find support with U-verse is at AT&T's support site.

However, we do have a few tips. First, make sure that your Flickr account is associated with the AT&T U-verse account. If you log into Flickr with your email account, you're golden, just skip to the next paragraph! If not, then go to your account page and click "use a different Yahoo! ID for this Flickr account" near the bottom, click "Use an existing Yahoo! ID", then click "Sign in as a different user" at the bottom of the Yahoo! login box, and enter your AT&T login information.

U-verse will only display photos you have in sets, so make sure that you've created some sets! You can use the Organizr to bundle up some of your photos into sets. Just drag and drop photos from the Findr bar at the foot of the Organizr to the main window, and use the "Add to Set" menu at the top of the Organizr to create a new set or add to an existing set. Note: U-Verse limits the number of photos you can see in a set to 200.

Now, tune into your channel (91); you're on TV!

If something doesn't work, just head over to AT&T's support site.

If you want to view your photos on TV using a method other than AT&T's U-verse, such as Roku, please contact the manufacturer or developer of the device directly.

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What happens to the Flickr pro I purchased if i have a free broadband partner account?

If you purchased Flickr pro before or during the time that you had AT&T or Verizon Internet Service, your paid subscription will automatically resume on January 31, 2009.

So for example, if you bought a year of Flickr pro but only used 6 months before signing up for AT&T or Verizon, than you will have 6 months left when the program ends.

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How do I set up email notifications?

If you'd like a quick email about new activity on your photostream or new photos from your contacts you can set these up in email notifications.

These concise emails are a great way to see see what's going on and who's doing what. You can even choose how often they're sent, immediately, daily, or weekly in the email notification settings.

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Is there a minimum age for using Flickr?

No! Anyone can browse all the awesome, public photos. However, as per the Terms of Service, you must be at least 13 years of age to create an account on Flickr.

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