Flickmor PRO 9:52pm, 29 August 2006
Your event photos can automatically show up on pages - directly from ZoneTag!

As you may know, is now integrated with Flickr. When you tag any of your public Flickr photos with a special Upcoming tag, they'll automatically show up on (example on Upcoming, on Flickr).

How to do it from ZoneTag? Even easier! There are two ways to do it, right after you take a photo:

a. (US only for now) If ZoneTag knows where you are, click into "tags" and you will see a list of events nearby (scroll to the right to find them). Find the correct event in the list (by name), select it, and upload the photo. Bam. Your photo will be on Flickr and Upcoming within seconds!

b. Point ZoneTag in advance to the list of your events (for example, here is mine; just go to your home page and click "subscribe > rss feed" under "my events", and copy the address to your ZoneTag page). Or, point ZoneTag to a list of events in your favorite metro (example - just go to your favorite metro page, click "subscribe > rss feed" and do the same).
These event tags will show up in the tags dialog on the day they occur. Just select the tag, upload the photo. Jam. Your photo will be on Flickr and Upcoming within seconds!

If your photo is not public, it will not make it to Upcoming - but the Upcoming event page be linked from your Flickr photo nonetheless.

Finally, if for some reason you don't want your photos to end up on, just change your settings here.

Otherwise, your photos will appear on Flickr and while you're still having fun and before you even get home.
waxpancake PRO 12 years ago
That is very, very cool.
mroth PRO 12 years ago
Very impressive.
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