malcojojo PRO 12:25am, 6 July 2008
Hey there

I just wondered if anyone else remembers the Great Zoid sale the had at K*Bee Toys before they went out of business? You could get $40.00 American box Zoids for $7.00! Man, those were good times! hehehe

Love the group.

Johnson Cameraface PRO 10 years ago
I'm UK based, so I'll pass on that one :)

However when Zoids were out of fashion in th UK we got loads of places off-loading them at £1.00 each for the small ones and £5.00 for most larger ones. It was good time to buy, but sad to see the line on it's way out.

Welcome to the group btw.
pointytilly 10 years ago
The KB Toys Zoids sales were great. I still remember carrying a huge bag of the things around for the rest of a shopping trip, carefully avoiding smacking them into various fragile objects in the department stores.

I was visiting the UK during some of those dumpings-of-Zoids too. So many Jet Falcons...and some stock I recognized from the United States sales. IT FOLLOWED ME.
peppermint_mecha 9 years ago
I got a huge amount of Zoids in the 2005 sell off The Entertainer had Buy one Get one Free. TKMaxx had zoids for a few months too. I really wish I had bought multiples.
Zoidstar PRO 8 years ago
I remember those sales! Unfortunately, it seems that every time I went, I was always broke, so I never took advantage of those sales. The KB Toys we had around here always seemed to have a large amount of Zoids up until they went out of business...
ciarda2000 8 years ago
I think here in Ireland they had sales on them too. smyths used have all them I kept passing on moonbays gustav for 12euro. really kicking myself I didn't get it now . but I did get Ivirnes Command wolf for 2 euro!!
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