monkeypatch 9:57am, 25 May 2012
I made my zig zag tote in Essex linen and used it most days just to hold my wallet, phone, etc. This morning I noticed that a hole has appeared in the bottom corner where it rubs against my body when I carry it on my shoulder. I know the linen has a lovely soft feel, but I didn't think it would wear through quite so quickly. I will repair it and still use it but I am so sad my lovely bag has a hole in it. Has anyone else experienced something similar?
Sewwunderful PRO 5 years ago
I was wondering how the linen would hold up to constant use.... I didn't make the bag but I did do the we'll see........... so far so good.......but it's only been about 2 weeks I hope you can repair your bag!!
gccmom 5 years ago
That is so sad. I am going to have to look at mine. I love it and have been using it a lot.
I've always found both the 100% linen and the Essex I've used to stand up really well. Is it along the seam? Whatever the reason, that's a big bummer.
monkeypatch 5 years ago
It's right on the corner, the seam is intact and I was careful not to trim too close when I made it. I might try to make little cover pieces to sew on at the corners.
Happy Go Lizzie 5 years ago
I used Liecien linen and this has held up well , thank goodness . I use my bag everyday as a handbag. Hope you can fix your lovely bag .
shimmyblisster 5 years ago
I had some linen wear out on my beloved ipad cover...It looks like it split along the seam. I didn't make it, but seeing the wear makes me wary of using it for anything that will get heavy heavy wear (in this case, kids taking it in and out of my bag).
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