aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR 7:57pm, 14 May 2007
After the Sanrio store in Sugar Land's First Colony Mall closed, it was a challenge for me to find another pLace to buy bento boxes and supplies.
Surely, I figured that I'm not the onLy one having difficulty.
Also, I noticed that there are a coupLe of peopLe that live in Texas and some were here in Houston like me.
Maybe it'll help my neighbors from Dallas, San Antone, or even Austin when they come to visit as well.

1. Sanrio Store @ The Galleria Mall

(713) 572-4602
5085 Westheimer Rd., Suite 4850
Houston, TX 77056
they are located in the lowest level, in the food court
don't forget to get a stamp card

2. Moshi Moshi Gift Shop
9188 Bellaire Blvd. Suite Q
Houston, TX 77036
Located in Diho Square, Old Chinatown
between Beltway 8 & Gessner @ Ranchester
They give $1 coupon per $10 purchase.
The store next door's got some simple HK containers.

3. LittLe Surprise @ Hong Kong Market Mall
11205 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77072
(281) 575-7886
Good thing here is if you pay cash,
you can barter.
She doesn't have much bento boxes,
but lots of bags, chopsticks, thermos, & cutlery.

4. Nippan Daido
11146 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77042
(713) 785-0815
They offer basic molds & fresh ingredients for sushi & bento lunch.

For bento ingredients and supplies, I found that the Viet Hoa Supermarket on Beechnut & Beltway 8 has everything you need for a one-stop shop.
8300 W Sam Houston Pkwy #100
Houston, TX 77072
(281) 561-8706
They have an aisLe devoted to seasonings alone!

So far, that's all I have.
I'll keep this list updated, of course.
If you can add, please do.
Thanks ("( 'o', )
aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR Posted 11 years ago. Edited by aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR (moderator) 11 years ago
from the Sanrio Store @ Galleria

from moshi moshi

inside Hong Kong market, they offered simple bentos
there were Pooh Bear & Mickey Mouse bento heads and a coupLe of Cars food container on sale at the Disney Store.
They had a pretty good range of kawaii kitchen stuff as well.
I also found out there's an outLet Sanrio Store at Katy Mills.
It's not confirmed yet, but will let you know asap.
dcdesigns 11 years ago
thanks for the great info, I live in San Antonio but most of my family is in the Houston area. I'll have to convince the hubby for a detour shopping trip next time we go visit.
alicial_77 11 years ago
dcdesigns.. I live in SA too.. can I send an order? lol
xinxthexscenex 11 years ago
Thanks a ton! I live in Fort Polk, LA, but my hubby has to go to Fort Sam Houston for surgery, and we go right through Houston! It's so nice to see people that have the same interests as me! How much fun would it be to get as many bento and kawaii lovers together as possible and have a shopping day in Houston?!
Jennifer Laycock 11 years ago

I'm headed to Houston in two weeks and have been eyeing that mushroom bento box on several poster's feeds for awhile. Here's hoping I can find it while I'm there. :)
sweettxrose39 10 years ago
I have just learned about Bento and have been going nuts looking for supplies in Houston. Thanks so much for this list! I'm headed out today to see what I can find.
Crafty Cammy 10 years ago
the H Mart on Blalock/I-10 has some bento boxes as well. Some cute and some plain. They also carry ramune and asain candies like pocky and lots of nice asain treats.

Is there a Snario Outlet at the Katy Mills? I didn't see one last time I was there a few weeks ago.
bessienguyen [deleted] 10 years ago
I saw some hello kitty bento boxes at the little store in front of the cash registers inside Hmart on Blalock.
sarakate 10 years ago
There is definitely a Sanrio outlet in Katy Mills (as of 8/16/08, but it's been there a while). It's way down at the far west end, by Entry 1.

The H Mart seems to have added quite a bit more stock of bento boxes -- the shelves were full of a really nice variety, all the way from little kid stuff to big black boxes for men. If there are boxes on the floor, they may have even more stuff, not just overstock from what's on the shelf, and nobody seems to mind if you delve into them; I found a darling little donburi box in one of them that I would have completely missed otherwise.

For accessories, Dynasty Gift Shop (inside Metrobank Dynasty Plaza, 9600 Bellaire Blvd) has some cute stuff. I've picked up a bunch of dividers (the plain "grass" ones, and some character ones) and sauce bottles there.

Also, if you haven't seen the Bento Store Locator at Lunch In a Box ( you should definitely check it out.
sarakate 10 years ago
Does anyone have a source in Houston for mayo cups, for egg molds, or for onigiri molds that aren't just the very basic log shapes? These are about the only things I haven't been able to find locally.
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