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Best site for creating a photography website?

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Wendy Alana says:

Hi there,

I'm very new to photography, as are many and I find it professional when businesses have a website as opposed to a facebook album to promote their work. I have some upcoming paid events and would like a place to showcase my current work.

I've heard terrible reviews regarding Bludomain. Are there any suggestions for a reasonably priced site to create a photography website? Preferably with some options such as music and a few galleries, font styles etc.

Thank you so much!

9:55AM, 12 January 2011 PDT (permalink)

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joshua black wilkins says:

I use, and strongly recommend LiveBooks. Very easy to set up, use and update. They have lots of great options and it's not much harder than flickr.
91 months ago (permalink)

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poppaJ says:

I don't have a website but have been looking at this;
91 months ago (permalink)

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Damien Franco is a group administrator Damien Franco says:

I like LiveBooks as well. Very professional.

I'd also suggest looking into SmugMug as well. It all sort of depends on what you're niche is and who your clients are.
91 months ago (permalink)

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ramblinwreck23 says:

I recently (3 days ago) started making a zenfolio website. Seems to be a solid website. Fairly easy to use. Allows you to create custom client pages, set print prices, print with them or another vendor. You can allow people to download images, just proof them and many other things.
91 months ago (permalink)

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