Ben Cullen 2:41pm, 6 September 2010
How do u make HDR's look good?
MrDAT 8 years ago
Don't over do it.
Damien Franco PRO 8 years ago
Agreed...don't over do it!
r3sidu3 8 years ago
...or just don't use it.
Jeff Brint PRO 8 years ago
What do you guys think? Overdone or nicely done?

I don't do hdr much, just when the scene needs a more dynamic range. I took this photo at a resort we stayed at this last July. It was during sunrise and I wanted to capture the beautiful sky but keep the pool area exposed too. It's better seen larger than this thumbnail.

Sunrise at the SSB Pool by Jeff Brint
Damien Franco PRO 8 years ago
I like that you didn't overdo it.

You used HDR and tonemapping for what I believe is it's best intention: to get a "more dynamic" exposure and record a broader range of light.
ALANGRAPHY 8 years ago
try to play infrared go to hdr
rey® 8 years ago
I just process it until it reaches a certain point where it meets my taste. It's all up to you actually.
Tiny Butt Cheeks 7 years ago
The key is to make sure you take enough over and unders based on the available light. I generally take 5-7 based on what im shooting. The best way to process an HDR photo is to practice and not use the GRUNGE preset that comes in Photomatix. It really comes down to how much you like the image, but less is more when it comes to HDR.
pass_lake PRO 6 years ago
start out using some of the presets in hdr efex pro or photomatix and play around a little. But just a little
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