Damien Franco PRO 1:18pm, 12 July 2010
When we first started the website we envisioned the emphasis on the title in the word YOU.

This website is for you!

So in an effort to keep that standard up to date I'd like to turn to you dear readers.

Tell me what YOU would like to learn about photography and we'll do our help.
shuklendu 8 years ago
Want to learn "lighting techniques without professional lighting equipments", because everyone can't afford these equipments.
Patricia Pietron 8 years ago
Would like to learn how to create "artistic" style shots.
goldengirls4 PRO 8 years ago
I would love some help with shutter speed. For some reason, my mind goes blank. I know a speed such as 1/250 is faster then 1/60 BUT what and where do I stand with the following? 1" or 4". Where does that fall into the equation?
norm II PRO 8 years ago
Better lighting technique and Model Direction. More creative ideas for posing models
Damien Franco PRO 8 years ago
I'll start working on these this week.

Thanks for the ideas everyone and KEEP THEM COMING!!!

Remember that is all about tips for YOU!
cuulblu 8 years ago
Macro photography. I am not sure if it's my equipment or technique, but my macro shots tend to be grainy/noisy.
gigantic rock [deleted] 8 years ago
Yeah I'd like that too.
Zen Procrastination 8 years ago
1. Why my colours never seem to 'pop'.

2. Exposure. I need to bracket my shots because I am a terrible judge of exposure.
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