Damien Franco PRO 3:31am, 24 March 2010
I'm interested in knowing which Image Editing Software everyone uses and why.
Damien Franco PRO 8 years ago
To start the discussion I use Adobe Photoshop Elements on my Dell Laptop and Adobe Lightroom 2 on my Mac Desktop.

I do have Adobe PhotoshopCS on the Mac but rarely (and I mean rarely) do I actually have to use it for anything. That's why I haven't upgraded it.

I use both Elements and Lightroom because I get questions from newer photographers and more seasoned photographers using either product so I try to stay up to speed on both.

Besides...the laptop really doesn't handle Lightroom very well.
gigantic rock [deleted] 8 years ago
I was using Lightroom 2...but then the trial period expired :)

I'm back to using Free and simple, it does the job. But it lacks the batch processing abilities of Lightroom, and I'm considering purchasing Lightroom now that I've switched from film to digital for the professional side of things.

For my personal work which revolves entirely around film, does the job.

(I use Picasa for organisation).
energetic button [deleted] 8 years ago
I use CS3. It is really more than I need. The next time I buy I think that I will move on to the Elements or Lightroom variants of Adobe.
I currently use CS4 but will move to LR 4 when it comes out, only just got CS4 so am not prepared to move away from it just yet.
oracleondelhistudio PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by oracleondelhistudio (member) 8 years ago
I use Picasa3 for general touch up and quick cropping. I then switch to GIMP for more detailed work and or Lightroom 3 Beta (free for now) for more detail work. The majority of the work is Picasa because I shot film for years and there was no touching up.

Gimp and Picasa are free and Picasa is very robust and can be used as a cataloging software.
shuklendu Posted 8 years ago. Edited by shuklendu (member) 8 years ago
--Lightroom 2 for editing,

--Photoshop for cropping, resizing and borders, also its high pass filter for sharpening photo

--Neat Image to reduce noise
poppaJ 8 years ago
Digital Photo Professional - RAW converter, adjust WB & noise reduction

Paint Shop Pro X + plugin optikVerve Labs, Virtual Photographer - basic editing and B&W conversion

I've been using PSP since version 8 (when I started shooting digital) with good results and don't feel like I need to change or upgrade programs at this time.
SoxFanInSD PRO 8 years ago
Capture NX2 - I process RAW files exclusively with it, also various other editing tasks, wish more plugins were available for it

CS4- use it for various editing, resizing, using the many plugins/filters I have

I don't really use one more than the other. It just boils down to my mood and what I want to achieve with a particular image.
RuanNiemann 8 years ago
i have Paintshop Pro X2, i reccomend it for anyone new to editing. seriously easy intuitive software. eats pixels though.

i also have just upgraded to lightroom, seems ok.
The Pixel Hoarder 8 years ago
Currently I use Adobe LR2 and the LR3 Beta, along with Photoshop CS3, and with the Release of Adobe Creative Suite 5 on April 12, 2010 I will be upgrading to the new CS5.

Here is the countdown link to the ,Adobe CS5 if you are interested.
dark shade [deleted] 8 years ago
I use LR2 and LR3 Beta for most of my editing. I also use Acorn when I need to do something that LR can't do. Im on a Mac.
Masta Luigi PRO 8 years ago
Aperture, on the Mac.
Recently upgraded to Aperture 3. Similar to LR in many ways.
royal popcorn [deleted] 8 years ago
I use Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS4 on both my laptop and desktop.
Luis Fernando Muñoz 8 years ago
I Use Gimp ( for everthing in my photos....
in Mac, Windows and Linux.....
easy science [deleted] 8 years ago
I dont have any photoshop or anything like that, is there something that can be used with a point and shoot camera,this is new stuff for me, sometimes I use picnik, to crop or put frames around my picture.let me know if there is something,I have a Nikon p90 .Thanks
mike_dooley 8 years ago
I am using a combination of Elements and Lightroom. I am using Lightroom for all of my organizing, and for probably close to 95% of my editing. I only use the Elements editior these days if I need to d any serious cloning, or if I want to use the selection tool(s) to really isolate some editing.

jeffegg2 PRO 8 years ago
UFRaw and Gimp.
Damien Franco PRO 8 years ago
ceciliaz1 - I wold recommend Adobe Photoshop Elements.

It's cheap and very powerful. You'll be able to organize and edit your photos very easily and not have to invest too much coin to do so.
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