caitm PRO 2:34pm, 20 February 2010
I've just been roped into being photographer at a Girl Guide Thinking Day service this Monday evening - the county photographer can't make it and has misguided faith in my ability. I really don't want to let them down, but I really might.

My own camera is a Fuji FinePix 9600, which I've had for a while and am quite comfortable with. My brother has just loaned me his old Canon EOS 300D (he got a 40D for his 40th birthday, the lucky ***). I know that technically that would give better results, but I'm not at all familiar with it yet. And also he's warned me that the spare battery is dodgy.

I don't know the church, won't know anything about the ambient light, layout or the order of service etc until I get there on Monday (I'd go along tomorrow and speak to the vicar, but I'm subbing for the real photographer at an all-dayer elsewhere tomorrow - speaking of which, tips on shooting groups of excited girls as they take part in various activities would also be handy, but at least I have all day to figure out what I'm doing there).

So, can anyone help me please?
poppaJ 8 years ago
Ive declined several weddings and similar events this after shooting 6 weddings way back in my film shooting days. Dealing with mix lighting and even worse very low lighting requires equipment and experience. I wouldn't consider taking on something like this before doing a test shoot under the same lighting conditions to see how my equipment will handle the location and light!
I think you would be better off hiring some one that has the proper equipment and experience.
caitm PRO 8 years ago
Sadly hiring someone else isn't an option, I've got to get in there and do it. I now know I can show up an hour in advance though to start figuring out the lighting, and I've got the order of service so I know who'll be doing what, where & when - I'll just have to keep everything possible crossed!
Damien Franco PRO 8 years ago
I need to check in here more often.

I suppose I'm a little late to help out with this?
jeffegg2 PRO 8 years ago
A 50mm f1.8 may be your only hope.
gigantic rock [deleted] 8 years ago
This ia bout my 5th time to this thread...and I still can't think of anything helpful!

I hope checks back in to let us know how it went.
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