gigantic rock [deleted] 2:11am, 17 November 2009
(I cross posted this in the Epic Edits Photodump pool as well. This was the only other place I could think of to turn to, since digital is not my forte).


So I'm after a (really) cheap PnS with a hot shoe for test shots instead of a Polaroid for studio lighting tests.

I don't own a digital camera at the moment and I don't want to spend much at all. I was bidding on a Fuji Finepix 4900 since it fit the bill, but that sold for more than $20 (what I was willing to pay) and there seems to be no more on Aus ebay.

Low MP count is fine - I don't care too much about the output - but I need aperture priority so that I can set the aperture I need and test the flash output before wasting any more sheet film...
herb.g 9 years ago
Maybe you can find an old Canon PowerShot G1 or G2. I think all the PowerShot G series cameras have a hot shoe and manual control.
BoldPuppy 9 years ago
Hmm.. why don't you get a light meter?

No need to be wasting film. You know.. .just sayin'...
gigantic rock [deleted] 9 years ago
The G1's still seem to fetch a bit - understandable given the base Canon has built up around them.

I've got a standard light meter, and I had considered purchasing a flash meter. But...neither will provide me with a "proof" to determine whether I have the lights in the right position just like a Polaroid would. I know around about the exposure settings when using a single light source but it gets complicated when I try and add more than one light - especially in terms of "previewing" the amount/control of light in the areas of the scene.
jeffegg2 PRO 9 years ago
Buy the cheap point and shoot, then tape a wein optical with hot shoe for your transmitter to the cheap p&s flash.
BoldPuppy 9 years ago
I'd recommend the flash meter. If you rely on just that, you'll be able to nail the exposure every time. By shading the meter, you can get accurate readings on the contributions from the different light sources. But, I can see where some validation would be nice.

The Wein optical is a little kludgy, but much cheaper to getting a p/s with a hot shoe:
gigantic rock [deleted] 9 years ago
How do I avoid the pre-flash? Is there a specific model which will accomodate this?
Damien Franco PRO 9 years ago
the_wolf_bridade - Did you ever find one? The cheapest I could find was around $300 or so.
gigantic rock [deleted] 9 years ago
Brian has offered to send me an old one of his - a Minolta 4MP. It has a hot shoe and manual settings so will be perfect for test shots for my 4x5 which was what I was after....
Damien Franco PRO 9 years ago
the_wolf_brigade - Sounds perfect. Let us know how it works out for you. Very interested in the results.
gigantic rock [deleted] 9 years ago
Will do.
supreme bells [deleted] 8 years ago
4x5 and pre-flash?
gigantic rock [deleted] 8 years ago
Pre flash on the PnS. Got it covered now though :)
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