little~ny PRO 3:27am, 27 May 2009
hello all...
i need some advice on what kind of filter i should get. basically i want a filter for general outdoor use..landscapes, sky..
i recently took a ton of shots in a nearby garden and was really disappointed with the results.. white skies.
i plan on a summer vacation to the colorado rockies this summer and i want to be prepared..

i have a canon xs.. and use both manual and auto focus, if that helps..
thanks smile.gif
Damien Franco PRO 9 years ago
Sounds like you need a couple of filters.

Polarizers help to ward off reflections, especially in water.

NDs will help to tone down the sky for landscape photographs.
dicktay2000 PRO 9 years ago
Polariser for darkening the skies when shooting at right angles to the sun on sunny days, and reducing reflections.


#2 Graduated ND Filter for reducing the brightness of the sky.
I havn't got any examples myself, preferring to compose without the blown out skies or try to do it in software, however this link may help.

little~ny PRO 9 years ago
thanks for the tips..i've seen rectangular and circular grad nd's.. is there a huge difference?
CSD_Images 9 years ago
I would go for the Lee or the Cokin system, idealy you will need 2, 6, and 8 maybe more depending on contrast in the image zone. These are gel or glass plates that fit into a special holder.

Singh-Ray also do a Vari-ND but these don't work with polarisers, and very pricey. It's also a bit of a niche filter aimed to getting the silky water look.

The final filter would be the polariser, this is good for cutting glare off of water and darkening skies/greens. A good one will be expensive depending on your filter size.
Blaidd0905 PRO 9 years ago
Filters.... I just spent over $150 for a couple of them (circ polarizer, uv and a warming (all wide angle)) for my 17-40. I'm with the rest of them for getting the circular polarizers and ND/ND grad filters. I have used the Cokin system in the past which is nice because depending on what system you get, you can use it on all of your lens. All you would have to do is to pick up the attachment for what mm lens you have. Another thing you may want to do is to pick up one filter for the largest size lens you have (or plan on getting) and then get a step-up ring for the other lens. I have a few speciality filters that I have done that with in the past.
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