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Your Dodging and Burning image examples

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ted @ndes says:

In the interest of sharing photo tips...

I have been interested in digital Dodging and Burning methods for some time. When I did a flickr group search a month ago, I was surprised there was not a group specifically for "Dodge and Burn" images and techniques... so I recently started a group myself (btw, new members are welcome :) ).

af Chapman Dodge and Burn

Over the last few weeks, we've had some great images added to the pool, as well as some great info shared about different techniques. www.flickr.com/groups/dodge-burn/discuss/72157614369370240/

.. so I thought I'd share this info, as well as start a discussion here to share your own favorite dodge/burned images... here's one from me to start;

af Chapman
Originally posted at 10:31PM, 8 March 2009 PDT (permalink)
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The Original Tubthumper says:

I thought I'd start with this one, then:
Dunoon Statue

Although I find that most of my pics benefit from a bit of dodging and burning anyway, this was the first one where I applied it quite heavily for the purposes of selectively increasing contrast. Also, it was the first one where I used the "non-destructive" method in Photoshop. For those who aren't familiar, it's explained in the comments below the pic, as well as a few flipant comments from a friend.
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The Original Tubthumper says:

Nobody biting? Okay, I'll bump with a before and after.


It turns out that dodging and burning onto a new layer, filled with 50% grey and with blending mode switched to either "overlay" or, for a more subtle effect "soft light", permits dodging and burning without dirrectly affecting the underlying background layer.
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