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This month's contest theme is "Change".

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AzPhotog (Tina) Posted 10 years ago. Edited by AzPhotog (Tina) (member) 10 years ago
I'm pregnant so my body is changing!

#1 Black and White Belly
Kim P86 10 years ago
My first time submitting for this contest.. It was taken on a journey to a local park recently..

Randy Baranosky 10 years ago
This was taken just after the clock changed to 12:00 on new years eve.

The Eve Of Awesome by Randy Baranosky
Life never stops to change... like my new born son. last month he's so small and can't even smile when taking pictures but now look at him looking at the camera. Time really moves fast.

Taken 31 December 2008 before the year ends.

Photo of a Photo
Is this legal?

It ain't easy being beautiful
detailed elbow [deleted] 10 years ago
An extreme change from here to there!

Welcome to Eternity
BoldPuppy 10 years ago
I'll submit the burning clock photo... many symbolic changes - end of the year, the burning of people's resolutions (they were hung inside), and a different way to take the photo entirely (this is SOOC):

It's lit!
raddad! aka Randy Knauf PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by raddad! aka Randy Knauf (moderator) 10 years ago
Change takes time. It took 17 million years for this to change!
Grand Canyon North Rim
disastrous pipe [deleted] 10 years ago
Pink Sunset on Ice_0028 2
sforrest45 10 years ago
January 2nd
Velaia (ParisPeking) Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Velaia (ParisPeking) (member) 10 years ago

I had this taken after reaching one of the highest road passes of the world in Tibet. I was happy, I was at the top of the world and flying!
This was the exact moment of change, because afterwards I went downwards, falling down myself, cycling down later on the recumbent bicycle.
This is the corresponding post on my blog.
ryan.petherbridge 10 years ago
Maine weather is known for changing in an instant...

Noe H 10 years ago
wet to dry
Dry to wet by Noe H
Noe H 10 years ago
 by Noe H

Changing from sun to fog
themcmillens 10 years ago
change by themcmillens

Change is all around us.

the city's landscape is CHANGEing......
kenh571 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by kenh571 (member) 10 years ago
Life is change. Great Blue Heron landing with nesting Material. The cycle begins again. Changing each year yet always the same.

agnisflugen Posted 10 years ago. Edited by agnisflugen (member) 10 years ago
i had a hard time choosing, i never realized until now as i browsed thru my photostream how much of my photography is based on change...after some soul searching i narrowed my entries to these 4 perspectives on change:

this one i chose for obvious reasons....

sha na na na na na na....

this collage was made from a series of photos documenting the change in my daughter from my little girl, to miss pre-teen.

annie is growing up.

this photo represents the change in the economy, and the change of power that is about to occur in the next week....

thanks alot, bush.

and for my last one, i chose a photo depicting person i am recognizing that i must make changes in order to live a happier, healthier life....

dreaming of getting better.
A look back in time
Anuska Sampedro 10 years ago
ohkpet 10 years ago
[1.8.08    Project 166-1    ~1~ of 366-1]
Picture on the left was taken the day after our wedding. The one on the right was taken the evening of our 37th anniversary.
crwelling PRO 10 years ago
"Man of Change"

10-26-2008 Obama Ft Collins 3758

10-26-2008 Obama Ft Collins 4143

10-26-2008 Obama Ft Collins Crowd 3959
Craig - S PRO 10 years ago
Autumn Path
Dostalek Images 10 years ago
It could be nice change, $ 0.85 per gallon.

Arizona's Truckstop
pe.bigg 10 years ago
Changing from light to dark.
Ladner. B.C.
btrain16 PRO 10 years ago
Art, old and new
smylpurty 10 years ago granddaughters 1 yr birthday
My beautiful granddaughter
cuulblu 10 years ago
from this

hot rod2
tru pettit 10 years ago
Craig - S PRO 10 years ago
From Snow to Art

Blindfold 2X
as day changes to night --

vt335 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by vt335 (member) 10 years ago
I hope I am not too late. Either way here is my entry. It should be self expanatory. It's entitled "Fire And Steam".

Fire And Steam
Damien Franco PRO 10 years ago
Thanks for all of your submissions.

You guys are doing an excellent job!

Winner to be announced very very shortly.

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