delicate glove [deleted] 7:32am, 2 January 2009
Hi All! Happy New Year!! Happy Clicking!!
It's been a while i have been shooting pics with my Canon 400D and a Sigma 70-300 lens which together makes up to 0.6kg. Now i'm looking for a tripod that's not so expensive but stable enough.

I came across with
Manfrotto 785B MODO TRIPOD

Some of them say its good for video and compact cameras and some say it can hold up to 2kgs practically ,whereas Modo tripod comes with load capacity of 1kg as mentioned in website.
Any suggestions on this?
Thanx :)
Bo Eder 9 years ago
Personally, I use the Manfrotto 3001N tripod with the 308 ball head. Both cost me about $120 total new.

Is that too expensive? I would look at the tripod as an investment that you'll only buy once. If you get a big enough one, it will last you for years as you make the continual camera upgrade.

What I have will easily hold a Canon EOS-1Ds with a 17-35L lens (about 6 pounds - 3 kgs?) But it is light enough to not mind carrying it around.

I'm sure there are cheaper alternatives, but the question is how cheap do you want to go? Unlike cameras, the tripod should last you forever with the proper care, so I would suggest making this purchase once.
energetic button [deleted] 9 years ago
How much is your budget? On the Manfrotto home page they have the configurator.
I do not think it gives pricing but it will be a place to start.
Bo Eder 9 years ago
For current real-world pricing, you can always look them up at
Airchinapilot PRO 9 years ago
For tripod questions I always tell people that
1) everyone is different (how much they can carry, how much they like walking, how high they are)
2) you can get a tripod for different purposes (i.e. one for hiking, one for studio)
3) you need to handle these in store. I know prices are better online but this is such a personal thing that you need to know how much 1.4kg is in person versus something on a datasheet
4) there are two components to a tripod: legs and head. You do not need to buy them both together from the same manufacturer.

And I agree that buying quality from the start is the way to go.
kickass_studio PRO 9 years ago

1) Tripod is forever. You will likely hold on to it much longer than your lenses and definitely longer than your camera. Don't skim on this one like everyone has said .

2) Manfrotto configurator is a great tool. Double the weight of your heaviest combo as the required load capacity (to be safely sturdy). For example, if Canon 400D and Sigma 70-300 lens is your heaviest combo, choose load capacity > 3kg. Don't forget the head has its weight too that the legs have to take. Once you find the candidates from Manfrotto, use them as guidance for other brand.

3) Go to the big local camera store to feel them, esp get a feel of the head controls and the weights of the head and legs. Even if they don't have the exact ones you are interested, go feel it.

4) I would personally buy things at the local store because they provide the opportunity for me to try. If they are more expensive, use the online price to negotiate with them. They are likely to bring the gap closer. This is doing good for the local and for their help. I hate to see some day in the future I cannot try things in stores anymore because they are gone.

Good luck with buying one of the most essential gears in photography!
delicate glove [deleted] 9 years ago
Hi All! Thanx for all the suggestions! :)
At first i had this in my mind that i would go for a good one but not expensive as i'm just in to photography but know after reading all your comments and thru other forums i think better to go for a best one.. have checked the calculator in manfrotto site.. got a cam store here, will be checking the models with my cam there in shop..
will get back with the results :)
cuulblu 9 years ago
You should consider Slik tripods. They are high quality and lower price than Manfrotto. The Slik 504 QF II comes with a fluid video head that also allows flipping the camera for vertical shots. This is the only video head that allows this third adjustment. Sells for between $100 - $130. I have the Slik U212 deluxe. I have used it for about 12 years and paid $80. They have it at B&H for $130. They are very durable, solid and dependable.
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