ted @ndes PRO 1:20pm, 30 September 2008
I thought I'd start a quick discussion on camera straps, or any other ways you carry your camera out of the bag.

Recently, I was looking for a comfortable alternative to my standard-issue DSLR camera strap. In my search I came across the R-Strap from BlackRapid. I just got it and I have to say it is absolutely brilliant. The strap goes across the body, messenger style, and mounts to the tripod mount socket underneath (camera body or lens). It definitely makes it quick and easy for grabbing the camera. The mount slides up the strap when you bring the camera up to shoot. The strap also stays out of the way, unlike the typical neck-strap.

Here is a video they put together to explain how it works. www.blackrapid.com/video.php

Anyone else using the R-Strap, or have another strap/grip they want to recommend?
The Pixel Hoarder Posted 10 years ago. Edited by The Pixel Hoarder (member) 10 years ago
I don’t use a strap. I know I should because one day my camera will get away from me and at $15.00~ $30.00 strap will save me thousands of dollars.

Actually I just looked at this strap can you still use a tripod without removing the strap?
ted @ndes PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ted @ndes (member) 10 years ago
Obviously, if you have a 2nd mount available on your lens (i.e. using a telephoto) then you could leave it attached by using one for tripod and one for strap.

If only using the camera body's mount, as I assume you are asking, then not as far I can tell... on the BlackRapid feedback page, the third user requests a modified bracket to switch monopod, tripod and hand held.

As it stands now, you would likely be using your tripod's existing mounting plate and then hook/unhook into the D ring (I would make sure it is a substantial one). From most mounts I've seen, it's not likely you can leave it attached to the plate when putting on the tripod. There are probably bracket modifications you could make to keep the strap attached if it was a concern (...or maybe a spot on your tripod to clip into instead, but not sure how akward that would be carrying that around).
Blaidd0905 PRO 10 years ago
I've been looking into getting a hand strap for my camera. I find that the neck strap sometimes has a problem of getting in the way and I end up wrapping it around my hand anyway. As for neck straps, check out the UPstrap. They have a couple of different ones and they are quite nice.
Rhodesphoto PRO 10 years ago
personally, the photo of the Canon 1 series camera and an L-series lens hanging by the tripod mount makes me queasy. I would think doorways and tables would be a problem for such a setup. I bang my gear around enough with it hanging off my shoulder. I had a strap like this once for a small rangefinder camera that used one of the camera's strap rings, which seems to make more sense to me, the camera would lay flat against your body when not in use. I would think this could work for a small "one lens, one camera" minimalist approach though.
energetic button [deleted] 10 years ago
I use the RS2 model. Though not perfect , it is comfortable.
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