Ben Ivory 8:02pm, 9 September 2008
Ahhhh! What's happened to the site? It's disappeared!!!
Damien Franco PRO 10 years ago
Yeah, that was kinda weird.

I think it was a DNS compromise either with GoDaddy or DreamHost.

One of them resolved it and I had to double check all the code (pain in the butt I tell ya) to ensure nothing malicious was added.

As far as I can tell it all looks good.

Please let me know if anything looks weird or different on the site.

Thanks everyone!
Looked good to me this am.
Damien Franco PRO 10 years ago
I'm pretty sure we got everything resolved.

These things always happen at the most inopportune times.

Currently working on revamping the site's layout. Taking my time on it though so it could be a couple weeks... or so.
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