Ambient vs Flash

Black English 1:30am, 27 May 2008
What is your primary source of light? Do you swear by ambient or is flash your secret weapon???? Post you best pic to support your claim argument.
cuulblu 10 years ago
I use flash for portraits. I tend to use ambient light for most everything else with maybe a little fill flash. Neither is better. It is a choice based on what is available, the equipment you have with you and the mood you want to set. No secret weapons, just choices.
Shrink1061 10 years ago
good flash... is better than bad ambient.

If the light in the room/area is poor, then controlling flash well and coming up with a good exposure is better than a poorly exposed naturally lit subject.

Thats my take on it anyway.
aback account [deleted] 10 years ago
I have used ambient , flash , but more often continous lights for portraiture.
These were taken using both natural light and 2 SB-800s for fill:

Ruby 160

Ruby 168

Ruby 166

Ruby 1518
raddad! aka Randy Knauf PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by raddad! aka Randy Knauf (moderator) 10 years ago
Currently I try using available light as much as possible. If I start to get into portrait shooting I would definitely need to invest in some external lighting sources. This is me using available light through a bathroom window:
Me2 B&W
AzPhotog (Tina) 10 years ago
I like natural light, but really it's because I suck at artifical lighting! Someday I'll figure it out and I'll change my mind:)
vt335 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by vt335 (member) 10 years ago
Most of what I do landscape and architecture so I have a tendency to use natural light. I am starting to experimrnt with the flash. Here is one that I did with existing light. However, since I had to use a slow shutter speed I had to be careful of too much overexposure at the windows.

Family Dwelling
jatamaniuk 10 years ago
generally I try to use available light, though I know there are always going to be situations where I absolutely have to use a flash despite what I may want out of the shot.
Bill Konway 10 years ago
The majority of my work is outdoors. In most situations I prefer to deal with available light. However, I also use reflectors, sometimes several at the same time. Because of that I get light that is very similar to the available light in both intensity, quality, and color. I don't mind using a flash but it's when there is no other choice or I want the flash light to overpower the available light. Studio work is different though. Indoors I use about 95% flash.
mollyjolly 10 years ago
Right now I try to use ambient lighting. I'm just trying to become comfortable with all the settings on the camera and after I've gotten a little better at that, then I wouldn't mind to start experimenting with the lighting. But as for now, I think that trying to deal with flash would make photography a little too overwhelming.
pass_lake PRO 10 years ago
I like the different looks you can achieve with flash. I try to use it whenever I can or if it is convenient.
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