Dust on sensor

Fingers To Toes 2:23am, 25 April 2008
I have a problem/issue -

I bought my D80 2 1/2 months ago...About 2 weeks ago, there was dust on the sensor - I bought the stuff to clean it - Eclipse cleaner and the "wipes" - via penn camera because they wanted to keep my camera for weeks to clean it (sending it away).

Brought home the solution, could not get the sensor clean - so I called around and found a local camera shop (dominion camera) that would do it in house - and only keep the camera for 3 days.

This seemed weird to me, as the camera was so "new" but so be it...well I have had the camera back for about a week and THERES MORE DUST!

What am I doing wrong, I take care when changing lens' which I dont do THAT often...I put it in the camera case when it's not being used - do you all have this problem?

I have tried to clean the sensor again, but it's not working AGAIN - I am soo lost and it is a decent amount of $$ to KEEP taking it in to be cleaned

Can anyone help or give me some advice?
matt_cinque Posted 10 years ago. Edited by matt_cinque (member) 10 years ago
i would never touch the sensor yourself, its really a job for a pro. the most i would do was use an air puffer to blow on it gently (don't blow with your mouth either)

is it your shots that are dusty or just through the viewfinder? also try changing lenses and seeing if the dust spots chance, then you know its the lens and not the sensor
Champloo 10 years ago
Dust is a constant problem in photography. I am not sure why you are getting dust so quickly after a cleaning. You probably already know but in case you don't, when changing lenses point the body down to reduce the likelihood of dust entering the body and obviously try to avoid changing lenses in dusty places.

There are many methods of cleaning you can try yourself. As matt_cinque said the safest thing to do is use a quality blower. I have had good luck with the sensor klear from Lens Pen supposedly it reduces static which helps to keep the high pass filter cleaner longer. I have also heard good things about the Arctic Butterfly brushes from other photographers. I myself have tried wet methods like you mentioned and had little success. Obviously Cleaning the high pass filter over your sensor has it's risks so proceed with caution.
axiomatic jewel [deleted] 10 years ago
I would have to say after reviewing the D80 specs and reviews on several pages its missing a key element, a sensor cleaning system, my Olympus E-510 uses an ultra sonic system to shake the sensor at start up to help keep the sensor clean, in 4 plus months of use and changing lenses in less then ideal situations at times, I have no dust issues. I t might be the thing missing from the D80.
badgamuss 10 years ago
I have just cleaned my sensor on my Nikon D70 with a product from Germany called "Sensor Film".

This product is not for everyone though. If you are not confident in your abilities to clean the sensor yourself, have a shop clean it. It is also a last resort if blowers do not work.

I had some dust particles that would not come off so I figured I would give it a shot. I tested it out on a lens filter first to make sure I was doing everything correctly before I used it on the sensor. I admit it was a bit nerve racking for a while but when I was done, the sensor was as clean as the day it came out of the factory. And my lens filter is like new as well.

A bit of info, there is a piece of glass over the sensor, so you are not actually applying the product directly to the sensor. So that is my cleaning method.
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